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Northern Va Suburbs of DC, Virginia

Andrew Zimmern from the Travel Channel. If it looks good "Eat it" . I have eaten some strange food also.

About Me: I am a Customer service agent at Dulles airport for United Airlines. After 20years working in reservations I went to the airport and find it very exciting. Checking people in going to all kinds of wonderful places. I like working at the gates and seeing the flight attendants and pilots and seeing people get ready about their trips. I used to try and travel to international destinations 4- 6 times a year. The problem is that since 2001 it has been harder and more expensive to travel so I haven't been able to travel as much as I would like. I also travel to US destinations 2-3 times a year. I love to go to cities like Chicago and Cleveland and go to baseball games, and places like Phoenix or New Orleans for Football games. Now with the merger with Continental there will be lots of new exciting places to go. But lots more employees standing by. I still find time to travel a bit and with the merger with Continental. Lot more great places to travel.

Trip Journals by Kathy

Name Destination Date Created
Columbus Ohio Home of the Buckeyes Columbus, Ohio October 16, 2011
Cleveland Ohio my hometown. Cleveland, Ohio October 16, 2011
London ...There is no place like it... London, England October 16, 2011
Madrid my 2nd favorite city in Europe (after London) Madrid, Spain October 16, 2011

Reviews by Kathy

Name Destination Date Written
"Indian Restaurants in London" London, England October 25, 2011
"Good for a hotel restaurant" Manassas, Virginia October 19, 2011
"A little bit of the Big Easy in Manassas" Manassas, Virginia October 19, 2011
" A favorite in DC" Washington, D.C., United States October 19, 2011

Stories and Tips by Kathy

Name Destination Date Written
Save a few pounds London, England October 15, 2011
"Ohio State Fair" Columbus, Ohio October 15, 2011
Docklands London, England September 04, 2005
Spring Training Phoenix, Arizona September 02, 2005

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I travel because...
Working for an airline. Its a no brainer. It helps when you can travel in First or Business class.
I love to travel to...
Amsterdam, Dublin, London, Paris, New Orleans. Not in that order. LONDON IS 1ST PLAC
I never forget to pack...
Hand sanitizer and toilet paper.
It's my dream to travel to...
I also love Paris and Italy. I loved my trip to India and want to go back. Beijing was also amazing and I want to go back because there were some things I didnt see so I will be going back.
When I'm not traveling...
I like to ride my bike and kayak and now when I retire I will learn to golf.
I also travel online at...