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The fountains at Bellagio.

The fountains at The Bellagio hotel are one of the most popular free activities in Las Vegas. Anyone who has been to Las Vegas will have probably seen them at some point during their visit. If they do not then they are very foolish and have missed an awesome sight.

Surrounding the lake are some of the high end restaurants in the Bellagio hotel and it has been made to resemble Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy.

The lake in front of the hotel is full of water covering an area of 8 Acres. It is vast and from 3pm every half an hour up to 8PM there is a choreographed fountain display. After 8PM the fountain show is every 15 minutes up to Midnight. This is dependent on wind conditions because if there is a slight wind then sometimes the fountain show is cancelled. It is well worth waiting for and the surrounding lakeside walkway in front of the hotel and the pathway leading up to the hotel is usually very crowded with people waiting for the show to begin.

The show begins with a slight rippling of the water then suddenly to the sound and rhythm of the music the water fountains jump into a beautifully timed and delightful performance some pieces of music are quite short but other pieces will last quite a long time. The water jets are lit up at night and it looks absolutely brilliant either at ground level or from higher up. The best vantage point for watching the display is from the top of the Eiffel tower opposite the Bellagio or in one of the very expensive lakeside restaurants.

The actual fountains.
There are four kinds of water nozzles used for the display including oarsmen which swirl around. Shooters that shoot water upwards super shooters that send water to a height of 240 feet and finally extreme shooters which blast the water to 460 feet high. The sounds of the shooters sound like guns going off. It is one of the best shows in Las Vegas and the best thing of all it is free to watch.

The water comes from a well that was originally sunk to water and maintain a golf course. The water does evaporate in the extreme heat of the Nevada sun but they actually use less water for the water display than they ever did when it was used to water the golf course. This is my favourite sight and attraction in Las Vegas.
Bellagio Fountains
3600 Las Vegas Blvd South
Las Vegas, Nevada
(702) 693-7111


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