Seaside Frolicking at Ffryes

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For persons who relish in a seemingly endless stretch of sand, with all of the expected niceties such as palm trees and beach umbrellas, Ffyres Beach just may be the very thing they're looking for. It's easily located on the South Westerly coast of Antigua, and it's quite a hit with the locals.

The beach itself is well taken care of. While it may not be completely devoid of litter, it's remarkably clean for a public beach. Ffryres Beach is also one of the few shorelines in Antigua where one can collect loads of seashells. The upper portion of the shore is covered in large quantities of beach shells of various shapes, colours and sizes. For this reason, beach shoes are recommended, at least until you get to the sandy portion of the beach.

The sand at Ffryres Beach has a somewhat golden hue, as opposed to being as white as some of the other beaches on the island. This proved to be an interesting change, and I observed that the texture was a bit more crumbly as well. This made it really easy to dig my toes in, and was perfect for me to indulge in my child-like urges to build a sand castle!

Pieces of bleached tree fragments adorned the shore in certain areas, their colour a much lighter shade than the sand upon which they rested. An abandoned car tyre was propped on the shore, undoubtedly as a plaything for visiting children.

However, the sand is only part of the reason why persons visit the beach, and it's certainly not the main event. The iridescent blue waters beyond the shoreline eventually beckoned to me, and insisted that I leave my sandy fortress and frolic in the waves for a while. The sea was soothingly warm, and the waves were almost non-existent.

After spending a considerable time floating, swimming and diving in the Caribbean waters, I reluctantly waded out and made my way over to the public beach shed. This beach shed provides visitors with a sheltered area to keep their belongings, and even has a few benches for people to grab a bite to eat if they brought food.

I had a personal cooler with me, so I helped myself to a bottle of juice and started to walk along the beach. With the sand being so soft, it proved to be quite the exercise as I continually sank further that I expected to. I saw several types of beachside vegetation, some with fruits and flowers that I didn't recognize. Sea gulls floated on the breeze above me, and appeared to follow me as I walked.

Ffryes Beach is a really brilliant place to pass away a couple of hours, or to chill out for the entire day. After a day of applying sunscreen and dousing yourself with salt water, the free public showers are a great way to rinse off. It's perfect for relaxation, and I highly suggest it!
Ffryes Beach


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