The Colosseum: It's not exaggerated!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by thomas_e97 on July 20, 2013

Before visiting Rome I had never been to Italy before, however, the country has always fascinated me, it has such a rich and long history. Obviously the centre of this is Rome, claiming ownership to much of the remaining Roman architecture.
When we were planning our trip to Rome however I had my doubts about the Colosseum. It is an object of much discussion and receives such a huge amount of hype I was worried that expectations of the structure would fall short of reality.
My fears needn't have been there. You approach the Colosseum up a very long road and every step seems to make the Colosseum a tiny bit bigger until you're finally standing at the foot of it, with it looming over you.
On entering the Colosseum, we were charged the fee of ‚ā¨15.50 each. A fair price I think, in order to manage the upkeep of the ancient structure.
The main downside of this visit, comes from the queue. You will spend at least 20 minutes standing in line, however, this gives you an opportunity to take in the ancient stone pillars surrounding the Colosseum.
Finally, inside. Knowing a little of the history of the Colosseum gives you a chill whilst surveying the phenomenal piece of human labour. Just thinking about where you're standing stuns you for a moment: Where millions of men where forced to battle and killed. This is a feeling you will get in very few places and really adds to the trip, making the memories very 3-dimensional.

Overall a fantastic trip!
The Colosseum/Coliseum
Piazza Del Colosseo
Rome, Italy, 00184
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