Munching at Cafe Munch

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by chrisandmark on July 16, 2013

When my partner and I realised we'd both be in roughly the same place at lunchtime we decided to meet up and try a new cafe we'd spotted in the area, both of us had heard good things about their All Day Breakfast so had decided what we wanted before we even got there! Cafe Munch is located on the main Bristol Road in Northfield, it's the only sit-down cafe locally but far from taking their prominent position for granted they've instead made the cafe stand out for being beautifully decorated and also serving excellent food.

The decor is light and area, there's seating for around 25 with a range of different table sizes to suit families and parties of pretty much any number. As you enter the counter is directly in front of you and seating is just around the corner; this makes sense as Cafe Munch offers a takeaway service too so the counter is often busy with people waiting for baguettes, it means this isn't at all intrusive for those (like us) who are sitting down for a plated meal. The cafe is completely accessible for disabled people, there are no steps or stairs inside and the front door is at street level - a problem may occur if the more accessible tables are taken as I suspect a wheelchair may have trouble getting between the tables to reach the further tables, it was quiet when we visited despite the fact it was lunchtime though so I can't see that this would really be an issue.

The menu is standard cafe fare, you've a selection of breakfast options available included plated meals as well as various breakfast-type sandwiches. There are plenty of extras so you can personalise your breakfast as much as you like, these all cost however as you're not given the option of exchanging any of the standard options that are listed as part of the breakfast. My partner and I both chose the Big Breakfast which was pretty much everything you'd want on a breakfast, plus toast and a hot drink. My only complaint was the very fatty bacon and the fact that it had come with white fat when I'd specifically asked for 'well done' bacon, everything else was perfect with a perfectly soft fried egg which had a yolk large enough to handle two slices of toast! Delicious! My partner ate every mouthful of his and said it was one of the nicest breakfasts he'd had in a long time, and considering he eats breakfast out at least three times a week that's a big compliment! I was grateful for the lack of grease on my plate as that can destroy a breakfast for me, although my partner mentioned that he'd have liked his meal a little greasier - which goes to show you can't please everyone!

I had a quick look over the baguette menu and found it to be reasonably extensive, there are a few vegetarian options but nothing to really write home about - there's no veggie breakfast on offer and I can't see any of my (admittedly few) herbivore friends being terribly impressed. A full compliment of drinks is available including unlimited refills of instant coffee and tea, this is worth taking up as I drank filter coffee today and wasn't thrilled with it but my partner's instant was good quality and beautifully made.

There were plenty of staff on at the time of our visit and the food was quick to arrive, all the staff members were pleasant and helpful - the only omission being that we weren't given our cutlery with our meals so had to spend a minute or two hunting out forks as it wasn't particularly clear where they were kept. Luckily sauces and condiments are kept on the tables otherwise I think our food would have been cold before we could sit down to eat it!

Prices are roughly what you'd expect to pay for this kind of meal in this kind of cafe, our two breakfasts with drinks came to a total of £10 which I think is excellent value considering the food was so good and we were both pleasantly full up when we left the cafe. Cafe Munch is open from 8am - 2.30pm, I can't understand the early closing time as they're in a prime location for passing trade but the early start would be good to catch people in the nearby businesses as they head to work.

Cafe Munch
1169 Bristol Road South
Birmingham, B31 2SL
0121 477 0805

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