(Shake) Delight-ful!

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by chrisandmark on July 16, 2013

During a recent shopping trip to the Merry Hill shopping centre I noticed a kiosk I hadn't seen before which, upon closer inspection, turned out to be a build-your-own-milkshake kiosk - I'm not a huge fan of milkshake but my teenage daughter wanted one and I decided to join her as it was such a warm day and I was in need of mid-shopping refreshment.

You don't actually make the shake yourself at Shake Delight, but you choose all aspects of it yourself and your drink will be made to your exact requirements. The way it works is that you choose a milkshake flavour, then a chocolate bar or sweet and finally a topping - this is then all blended together to create a deliciously chunky milkshake that is practically a meal in a (plastic) glass! The 'menu' is far more extensive than I thought it would be and they've thought of everything; you have a wide selection of milkshake flavours, as decent a range of chocolate bars as you'd find in any newsagent and plenty of other options if you're feeling particularly adventurous.

I chose a simple combination of banana milkshake and a Crunchie chocolate bar, while my daughter opted for something altogether sicklier with chocolate milkshake combined with not only a Crunchie but also Cocoa Pops and peanut butter syrup. It looked and smelled heavenly I must admit, but not having a very sweet tooth I know I wouldn't have been able to drink much of it and ended up not even sampling it as my own (infinitely more basic) milkshake was so filling. Alice said it was as perfect as a milkshake could be and was completely happy with her decision, although disappointed she hadn't visited a few weeks earlier when Cream Eggs were apparently on the menu for the Easter period! My milkshake was lovely; fresh and flavoursome with the banana/honeycomb Crunchie combination being a real treat, the chocolate bar blended down nicely into pieces which were easily sucked up the straw - I'd been expecting a gritty drink due to the hard texture of a Crunchie but this wasn't the case at all.

My daughter and I both agreed the milkshakes were extremely refreshing, surprisingly so actually considering how sweet they were. We both had the Regular size milkshake and I was glad I didn't let Alice talk me into super-sizing as the smaller one contains more than enough sugar, and was filling enough without choosing a milkshake which is half the size again and contains more than one chocolate bar!

There's no seating at Shake Delight and that's a shame as it would have been nice to sit down and relax rather than have to walk with our milkshakes, my daughter said this is the norm in this kind of place however - which shows how often I drink milkshakes really that I didn't even know this kind of place even existed until I had my banana/Crunchie hybrid!
Shake Delight
Upper Mall, Merry Hill Shopping Centre
Brierley Hill


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