Beauty Belies Bad

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Green Island Human Rights Memorial Park is a hot bed of historical atrocities committed against Taiwanese and China mainlanders for some 40 years. The Kuomintang regime rule from 1949 to 1987, when they declared Martial Law and everything turned upside down. Property, freedom and lives were lost. The New Life Correction Center, prison in other words, from 1951-1965 contained some 2000 people with 100 of them being women. It was previously the Ministry of National Defense Taitung Taiyuan Prison 1962-1972 the Ministry of National Defense Green Island Reform and Reeducation Prison 1972-1987 and the Ministry of National Defense Prison 1950-1987.

Reform and hard labor was the mainstay from felling trees in the forest to breaking up rocks on the beach. That combined with "Oppose Communists, Resist the Russians" being tattooed on them, these people were somehow suppose to be reformed and re-educated. The size of the rooms would have been enough to quickly drive a person insane. And nourishment? Gaunt faces with sunken cheeks and rib cages exposed told the story.

Officials did not discriminate. Old and young, female and male, married and single, were victims of the atrocities. No reason for selecting the individuals was given. If one was not part of the group seizing people, one must need a severe attitude adjustment.

The incredible location near the beach with a huge monolith and a tropical dense mountain across the street belie the history. The grounds are quiet, seemingly peaceful, yet walking inside the buildings, reading the stories, oft covered with old pictures, sends shivers up the spine.
Green Island Human Rights Memorial Hall
No. 23, Zhōngzhèng Road
Yuchi Township

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