Best brunch experience of my LIFE!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by juliejaynak on July 12, 2013

It's funny- when the 4 of us set out to Sonoma, we had no real concrete plans, other than two specific wineries we wanted to visit. No timetable, and definitely no meal plans other than dinner that night. So when we got on the road from San Francisco at 9:30am, it dawned on us that we should probably get some food in our stomachs before we started tasting (read: drinking) wine. As we got closer and closer to Sonoma, one of the girls got on their phone and started perusing Yelp! for possible brunch/lunch places. By complete accident and coincidence Auberege du Soleil was practically down the street/5 minutes from Caymus winery, which was where we were headed first, so it was beyond convenient. However, once we read the reviews/prices and that it had a "wind-around balcony with a view", we were sold.

Auberge du Soleil is an entire luxury resort, restaurant & spa, with the restaurant obviously open to the public. It's located on a hill with a narrow winding road that will take you up there. We were some of the first ones to arrive that morning, and the parking lot was relatively empty- but a handsome friendly valet asked us if we were going to be dining with them that morning to which we happily said yes. We walked in and were led out onto the balcony to a very large, round table for four, right on the edge. We all started staring and gasping in awe at the view before us, and I quite literally said "Is this real? PINCH ME!" The view absolutely cannot be beat, and of course the fact the temperature is already near perfect at 70 degrees meant this was just the icing on the cake. I was wearing a sheer/short sleeved sundress, and in the shade I was a bit chilly, and after making a mere off-hand comment about it, the server asked if I'd like a shawl. "That would be perfect!" and she promptly returned with a shawl. The servers placed the nice patterned cloth napkins in our laps and asked us what we'd like to drink. They came back with our drinks and a small coffee cake that had been cut into four quarters for the table.

Several of us got grapefruit juice, and one of the girls got a nice, large latte. The prices were by no means cheap, but considering this was a LUXURY resort, and we were beyond giddy at the experience so far, we had no problem paying $20 for finely prepared brunch entrees. Two girls got Eggs Benedict, which they said was divine and perfectly cooked (as this is hard to acccomplish when cooking Eggs Benedict at home), another got an ommelette, and I got their "signature" Esperanza Breakfast (Huevos Rancheros). "Mexican Eggs" is already my go-to/favorite breakfast item everywhere I go, so when they told me that was one of their best dishes, there was no question I'd be ordering it. Needless to say, I was happier than a pig in slop. The view, the food, the service- I still just smile thinking about how wonderful it was. Naturally, once we finished our meal, we HAD to get a photo with that fabulous view in the background. The lighting was best on the landing below, so we went downstairs and had one of the servers snap a few from the balcony.

I cannot recommend this highly enough. If you are going to Sonoma, please consider eating here-it will be worth it. And I'm sure if you can afford to stay here the experience would be just as phenomenal!
Auberge du Soleil Restaurant
180 Rutherford Hill Rd
Rutherford, California, 94573
(707) 967-3111

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