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Caesars Palace is found in the centre of Las Vegas strip sandwiched between the Bellagio and Mirage hotels. It is quite a large property and has nearly four thousand rooms spread through the six tower blocks. From the outside the tower blocks do not look anything special compared to the other theme hotels throughout the strip but on the inside the rooms look quite sumptuous.
The casino floor is absolutely vast and includes slots and table games. There is of course a couple of high roller areas where high rollers are able to gamble hundreds of dollars away at the turn of a card or the spin of a wheel. Building the hotel started in 1966 and subsequently parts were added over the years up to 2012. Some of the suites are up to 1000 square feet which is probably bigger than most people’s homes an incredible amount of space but of course these come at a price.
The hotel is supposed to be a luxury hotel and of course in keeping with the rest of the hotels in Las Vegas is absolutely huge. The floor space for gambling is as far as the eye can see at over 166,000 feet square. There are massive restaurants within the hotel complex one of which can seat 600 diners and offers five hundred different dishes per day which is incredible. There are other restaurants within the hotel to suit all types of budget.

The Colosseum.

This massive theatre was built specifically for Celine Dion who contracted to perform her show ‘A New Day ‘initially for three years. This was interspersed with other great performers such as Elton John with his show the red piano and Bette Midler. You will find that these shows are usually a sell-out. Great names have also performed at Caesars such as Diana Ross, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Cher, Liberace, Rod Stewart and other great performers. The Colosseum can seat 4296 people and some ticket prices can go up to $200 and more on special shows. I have seen Elton John’s Red Piano show and sat high up in the auditorium but with a great view of the stage. The acoustics were excellent in fact it was so loud my ears were buzzing when we left the show. Typically the shows last for about an hour and a half and as with all shows in Las Vegas they are quite pricey. The price of my ticket was offset by a chance win going into the theatre. I popped a dollar into a machine and won $100 which then turned into $700 which was a nice surprise!

The forum shopping mall.
This shopping mall is absolutely massive and contains large name designer shops. There is a hell of a lot of window shopping going on in the mall. It opened its doors in 2004. One interesting feature is a circular escalator which takes you from the ground floor to the upper level. It is quite interesting and looks really nice.

Sporting events.
Caesars palace has hosted many big sporting events such as world champion boxing matches and famous fighters such as Mohammed Ali and Sugar Ray Leonard. They also held the Grand Prix car race in a specially built track behind Caesars palace however this was discontinued after the oppressive heat of the Las Vegas desert was too much for some of the competitors. In total there were four races held there.
There is also an outside arena where outside shows are held these are usually free shows. The grounds are surrounded by water fountains and columns and formal gardens.
Although this hotel is billed as being luxurious it really has no appeal for me. From the outside it looks plain and uninviting and there is nothing really that draws me to it. I do not think I would pay to stay here when there are other hotels that I prefer.
Caesars Palace
3570 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109
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