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Member Rating 2 out of 5 by MichaelJM on June 28, 2013

This apartment was a bit of a contrast to the House Boninova in Dubrovnik. It was a fairly recent apartment block in a new development of upper Makarkas. We found it easily enough and there was good car parking facilities just outside the entrance. We rang the doorbell and in a short while a young woman opened the door for us and welcomed us in with a broad smile. She spoke reasonable English so everything was straight-forward.

It was a long haul up to the third floor and so this apartment is not for you if you’re not prepared to be a mountain goat for a night! There were 50 stairs to climb to our top floor apartment. As we finally reached the top floor she showed us into the bedroom. It was spartanly furnished with two beds (a large double and a single) a wardrobe, two bedside cabinets and a small fridge. Certainly the freezer section of the fridge was very efficient as it soon chilled our bottled water!

We were shown a small balcony at the back of the bedroom with a view of the mountains and a table and chairs for sitting out. There was a small washing line and later that afternoon I quickly washed out a shirt that I’d been wearing that day. It was dry within the hour! After showing us the bedroom and shower room she invited us down o the family’s apartment for a welcome drink. It was refreshing and after a few questions about nearby restaurants and shops we were on our way back to the ground floor to carry essential items up to our bedroom. No way were we going to carry everything up stairs because you not only need to be a mountain goat, but one with strength. At least we’ll be too high up for the Mosquitoes to bother us

The bathroom turned out to be quite basic and there was a single bar of soap and three very small towels. The shower itself was basic but efficient enough and I was able to wash away the heat of the day and relax on the bed before we set off to explore the town of Makarska.

If you need kitchen facilities there is shared access to a basic kitchen on the landing. I guess it would be chaos if all four apartment’s occupants wanted to use the kitchenette and I dread to think of the combination of smells if it was used by all. Thankfully no-one used it at all!

After our evening meal we sat and relaxed on the roomy balcony, which was a little too close to others and if they’d all been occupied it would have been a little cosy up there. As it happened we were the only balcony dwellers that night although I did have a good view of the opposite apartment’s TV! Overall the balcony didn’t offer the best of views but it was almost devoid of traffic noise. That boded well for a quiet night and a sound sleep.

This apartment was in the heart of a Croatian residential area and it was extremely basic. There was no TV, not that it was a concern for us, and it really looked as the owners couldn’t be bothered. The beds were not even made up and we had to put on the sheets. However it was cheap and clean and and at less than £30 for the room it was hard to complain It was well sited for the shops, beach 7 restaurant and had been real easy to find with SatNav.

Overall it had been OK for a single night stop and although the pillows were somewhat "lumpy" it had been real quiet so we slept reasonably well. We’d chosen to pay on arrival so that meant we could get off promptly and head off to the next stage of our holiday in Split.
Rooms Milenko Opacak
Splitska 33
Makarkas, 21300


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