A little off piste.

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by MichaelJM on June 28, 2013

The Sperun Restaurant is just behind the Franciscan Monastery off the main promenade and one of the significant reasons for choosing it was that it was reasonably close to our apartment. It turned out to be a good choice as the ever attentive waiters were extremely helpful and had a bit of humour. The menu was varied and reasonably priced and we opted to take the last pavement table. There were only half a dozen of these and although I would dream of eating on a public footpath back home in the UK it seems totally natural to be doing so in the warmth of a Croatia evening.

We were given a decent time to consider the menu and by the time our two large draught beers were brought to the table we’d decided that to share a starter of salted sardines and tomato on bruschetta. If you like to drink a beer it’s best to check out that the restaurant serves draught beer as not all do and the alternative is a small bottled beer which I personally does not carry the flavour of the Croatian draught beer.

Our starter arrived in good time and as we took the first bite it was clear that we’d been given tomato and cheese on Brushetta with capers. There were a couple of problems with this. Firstly it wasn’t what we’d ordered, but secondly the cheese was somewhat stringy and the brushetta was somewhat soggy and under grilled. I managed to catch the attention of the waiter, who did not hesitate in apologising and offering to get us the appropriate starter. He said "I’m sorry for that small mistake, but eat this, on the house, whilst I get the Sardines."

I was happy to oblige and we’d just finished off the erroneous starter when the waiter returned with the salted sardines. What a difference, the brushetta was hot and its texture and taste was spot on. Indeed when we’d polished it off the original waiter returned to take our plates. He also apologised and said the order had got confused but hoped that it didn’t matter as the first had been on the house. At that point he gave a broad smile and winked as I said it wasn’t a problem.

I’d opted for Lasagne, but was very surprised when it came with a dressing of single cream. It didn’t look the most enticing of meals because it was a "cut block" of lasagne, but it was really tasty. My wife had Tortennini with a meat sauce and she was a bit disappointed because it really didn’t taste of much. However, the waiter brought some Parmesan Cheese and with a liberal scattering over the Tortennini it had become a little tastier.

After her disappointing main course my wife ordered a dessert of Zuppa Inglesi, which seemed to be a take-off of Tiramisu, whilst I enjoyed a second beer and a cigar. Although I hadn’t order a sweet the waiter brought two forks and said "here’s your romantic sweet". That’s obviously what they say when you’re sharing because he’d made a similar comment when he brought the Brushetta starter.

The meal was efficiently served to us and mine at least was real tasty. For three large beers, a starter, two main courses, and a dessert the total bill was a modest 204KN (around £25). Sperun is not a huge restaurant - I reckon there were no more 20 tables in total - it is a bit off the beaten track but the meal price, considering its in a popular tourist town was very reasonable. The food quality was reasonably good and there was plenty of it so it’s a place that I would happily recommend to you if you’re visiting Split and aren’t looking for anything too special.
Restaurant Sperun
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