Excellent food choice, excellent value

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Muchmor on June 25, 2013

I came across this restaurant when looking online for place to eat in Harrisonburg. It came with good reviews and was just down the road from the hotel, so we tried it out.

We arrive about 3:45 pm and were seated at a table. The server then came to ask what drinks we wanted and advised us to go to the buffet to help ourselves.

We went over to see what was on offer and there was so much stuff it was hard to decide where to start. There were meats, fish, Chinese, salad, fruits, desserts. Just about everything you can think of.

I like buffets as they give you the opportunity to try tings you perhaps wouldn’t normally. If you like them, great go back for more, if not then leave it and get something else. Everything both my husband and me chose was really tasty and nicely cooked.

We were shocked when we got the bill as it turned out the buffet was only $8.89 each plus $2 for the drinks. Excellent value. You pay as you leave and it turns out the price goes up to $10.99 after 4pm and is a little higher on Fridays and weekends, but still excellent value. Totally recommend this restaurant.
Wood Grill Buffet
1711 Reservoir Street
Harrisonburg, 22801
(540) 432-9303


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