Making a Point at Ronachan Point

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Ronachan Point is located on the A83 north of Campbelltown on the Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland.
The name Ronachan means "place of the seals" and if you are lucky you may see seals basking on rocks close to the shore. At first glance you would be excused for thinking Ronachan Point is merely a layby on a moderately busy Scottish road, however you would be mistaken!

Layby it most definitely is, with free car parking, a tourist information board describing the surrounding area and the most fantastic views across the sea of the Paps of Jura. On the left hand side of the parking area is found a footpath take the left fork and a short walk of less than 100 yards will take you down to the shore side. The path is a little uneven but only those with serious walking difficulties would be unable to manage access walk. The beach is rugged; the rocks are interesting and studded with sparkling quartz. It is an attractive beach and very peaceful. Of course the chance to see seals and the wealth of birdlife make this ideal for wild life lovers.

If you take the right fork of the footpath, a steady 200 yard walk will take you around the remains of a prehistoric settlement. This is a large grassed dome shape and the settlement was inhabited for several thousand years. The early Celts who lived here had an ideal lookout for possible invaders and easy access to fishing.
Walking on a little, the path takes you to a second beach; this is far rockier than the one adjacent to the car park, but it is well worth the walk as it is hauntingly beautiful. We sat on the rocks in the May sunshine and watched the sea birds dipping and coming up with silvery fish in their beaks for ages. A beautiful sight in a beautiful spot!

The walk was not arduous and we enjoyed seeing the wildlife and the abundance of wild flowers dotting the grassy paths and slopes.

There is no entrance fee to pay and parking is free. There are no facilities unless you count a litter bin and a tourist information board, but this is a particularly attractive stretch of coastline, well worth visiting.
There are shops to be found in nearby Campbelltown and there are bed and breakfast establishments, guest houses, hotels plus a few camping sites dotted around the peninsula for those wishing to base their holiday in the area.

I feel that Ronachan Point is well worth a visit even if just for a picnic lunch on the beach, if you can stay until dusk, you may be lucky as we were and be rewarded with a spectacular sunset. Just make sure you have your camera at hand!

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Ronachan Point

Campbelltown, Kintyre Peninsula, Scotland

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