Enjoying a haunting experience

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We spent a week in Ocala, Florida deciding if it was somewhere that we would like to buy a winter home. We stayed at Al’s brother’s house but when we were discussing our visit, the fact that there was a very luxurious bed and breakfast in town had come up. As we were driving around the historic area of town, we decided to pay the Seven Sisters Inn a visit.

We went up to the back door and were greeted by the chef who was preparing for a special dinner being hosted at the house that evening. She was very gracious and was happy to give us a tour of the house.

Since we were coming in from the rear of the house we went from the kitchen into the dining room and then to the front where there is a parlor and the desk to check in. There is one bedroom on the main floor and it is a spectacular one. All the rooms are named after destinations and this one is Madrid. It is elegant and as a matter of fact had been set up to welcome a newly wedded couple who were expected later. It made me wish I had spent my honeymoon in such a lovely room. It has a beautiful canopy bed and a Jacuzzi tub to die for; it is as romantic a suite as anyone could want.

On the second floor there are four more suites. All of the rooms are beautifully decorated and have high-end bathrooms. We toured all of the rooms and while we were visiting the Paris suite, a very peculiar thing happened. I was taking pictures with my iPhone and then after taking a picture of the bed I lowered the phone with my hands gripping the back and side of the phone. While it was at my side, the phone took a picture. I did not take a picture, in the position that I was holding the phone there was no way for me to push the button, I could not reach it. I was surprised and expressed the surprise.

The chef laughed and said not to worry, the hotel was haunted. Unusual things happen quite often. After we left I looked at the picture that the phone had taken and it was the back of me, very strange. I tried later to duplicate the way it happened and there is no way I could. With a little research I found out that Ghost Hunters has visited the inn and some activity was indeed detected. So, if you enjoy the unexpected along with your luxury, I can highly recommend the Seven Sisters Inn.

I did of course ask about what was served for breakfast and it is a multi-course event that includes both sweet and savory options. Snacks are served in the afternoon and we were able to sample the very delicious chocolate cake.

The house is beautiful and has been lovingly decorated. There is plenty of free parking and the location is quiet and convenient. If I ever have the opportunity I would love to be able to sleep here.
Seven Sisters Inn
820 S.E. Fort King Street
Ocala, Florida, 34471


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