No Rolling Stones

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Essexgirl09 on June 4, 2013

About ten feet away from the underwhelming London Stone, is a pub of the same name. The entrance is small, though signage is clear, and you go down a flight of stairs to get to the pub, which bills itself as a Goth pub. Credentials for this claim are dubious as it was playing JLS when we arrived.

The pub is located on Cannon Street, opposite the main line and underground station, but also just a few minutes walk from Bank tube station and the heart if the city. There is a large bar area opposite the entrance, and it was quiet as it was a Monday evening, so although there was only one person serving, the only delay was caused by our own disorganisation.

Décor wise there were a number of dusty 'potion' cabinets in keeping with the 'eerie' theme that is part of this pub's group ethos. You could sit on high backed gothic style chairs at a table, or as we did, sit on a squishy sofa at a low table by a portrait of 'Bloody Mary'.

Drinks were reasonably priced for the city, my vodka and diet coke was £3.80. The food menu on the tables looked interesting and reasonably priced with a number of dishes being on a 2 for £11 promotion. Dishes include scampi, chilli, pasta, sausage and mash, burgers, salads and jacket potatoes. Most main dishes were about the £7-8 mark, with some if the fancier burgers being slightly more. The Dolly Parton (double Aberdeen Angus burgers) is £10.95. There were also a good selection of veggie options and my friend and I plumped for the Spicy Bean Chilli with rice as part if the 2 for £11 deal, but when we went to order it the barmaid told us they were not serving food anymore that evening as it was a quiet night (their website advertises food served until 10pm). I can understand the reasoning, but I think they should have removed the menus from the tables, then we wouldn't have spent time perusing, discussing and deciding, nor ordered the second round of drinks! I consoled myself with a bag of sweet chilli 'posh' crisps for 80p (not bad for a pub, it was a good sized bag too).

I popped to the loos. It is not obvious where they are or which one is which until you have figured out how to open the door. Basically, the door is in the wall decorated as a bookcase, so just push the wall and it will open ( providing you push the right bit). To spare your embarrassment I can confirm that the ladies' loos are by the stairs back up, and the men's are further round to the right. Anyhow the ladies' loos had seen better days. They were clean but run down. They smelt of a combination of mustiness and bleach. The hand dryer was the most useless I have ever come across.

I was disappointed not to be able to eat there, and I found the décor a bit 'plastic goth' and a bit silly. However prices were reasonable and the menu looked good, so would be prepared to make a return visit.
London Stone
109 Cannon Street
London, EC4N 5AD
020 7626 8246

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