Holy Blood of Christ

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She hides in the corner of a darkened from time building decorated with gilded statues of the Count of Flanders. The church consists of two chapels - the upper (Chapel blood of Christ) and the bottom (Chapel Basilica), each of which is a separate entrance - in the bottom right, under a canopy at the top - the steep stairs to the left.

Basilica, built specifically for the relics of the Holy Blood of Christ, is not evident riches of furniture, it is a rigorous, Romanesque, austere, it is decorated with a statue of the Virgin Mary (1300). Chapel of the Blood of Christ (XV century), ornamented with gilding, painting walls, the rich decoration of the Renaissance. Stained-glass windows - a copy of the XIX century, which were made after the originals were stolen after the French Revolution, some of which are now kept in London. Silver altar - the place where the relics of the week, and every Friday and every day from 3 to 17 May show her audience.

The relic, which is a capsule with the blood of Christ, dates from the XI-XII century. Since its arrival in Bruges from Constantinople, where it was, it's never opened.
One legend says that Count Diedrich Alsatian brought the relic to Bruges from Jerusalem after the Second Crusade. Recent studies, however, show that the relic arrived in Bruges around 1250 from Constantinople.
Basilica of the Holy Blood
Bruges, Belgium


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