Saint Nicholas Church

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The Church of St. Nicholas - the oldest in Ghent, erected in honor of the patron saint of Commerce of St. Nicholas. At the site of the present church has twice wooden churches were built, and the thing - they both died in a fire in the XII century - whether saint angry that the church too small, or the traders did not please him something.

The church is built in the style "Gothic" from the blue-gray stones brought from Tournai (Tournai also located on the Scheldt, and the material for the building was conveniently delivered by ship). Similarly, from the same stone built amazing beauty and grace cathedral in the Tour, but this - in his time. Bluish-gray stonework gives the church an imposing and sombre look. Heavy Tower is on the crosshairs of the nave of the church with a transept (as opposed to the traditional location above the west entrance). Before the construction of the bell tower of St. Nicholas served as a lookout and another, and from the bridge of St. Michael very clearly that the church towers and bell towers cool look - they performed similar functions.
Saint Nicholas Church
Ghent, Belgium

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