Belfry of Ghent

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Ghent is a XII century had trade and tax privileges that brought the city of untold riches. For storage of documents confirming these privileges, and was built Belfort - a symbol of freedom and urban features.

It is believed that Belford Ghent - one of the most impressive Flemish towers, even now, in the modern Ghent, it towers above the city, and only in the Middle Ages, it was altogether tallest building, why, and was used as a lookout point - just in case fire or enemy attack. The bell tower was completed in 1338, built it on the project Jan van Aelst and Filips van Beergine. At the top of the tower sits proudly dragon, and the corners of the roof, where the turrets, spiers, stand guard Ghent four stone soldier. However, this is a copy - in 1870, the last survivor of the original soldier was placed in the treasury, which previously filed documents.
Belfort of Ghent
Emile Braunplein
Ghent, Belgium

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