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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by rufusni on May 4, 2013

I had arrived on the train from Madrid and checked in to my hotel, but I was famished, and I knew time was ticking on for the end of lunch, so off I set to find somewhere to eat. I wandered past San Isidoro and to a busy main street but most places did not look great, and the few that did were full of diners. I was wandering trying to find a menu del dia, a menu of the day which is generally very good value at lunchtime, which in Spain is a bit later than in many other countries.The menu del dia generally means a first course, a second course and a dessert with bread and wine or water. Most restaurants had boards outside advertising their choices. I had walked past Casa Daniel as it had no outside tables when I had first gone past, but then I decided maybe I actually prefered to be out of the sun. So as I was exploring some of the side streets I remembered this place and went back to check it out. It was not the most stylish looking place though.
They had a good menu del dia with a range of choices that sounded good. So I decided to head inside. And it is not the trendiest place but pleasant, light and airy. I was seated down the back were it was narrower and there were tables for two. But the lack of windows were made up for with some nice paintings of agricultural scenes, it certainly did not feel like a restaurant in the middle of the city. Only I did not like the TV up on the wall- but as I came to discover that in lots of restaurants as well as bars it is not that uncommon in these smaller places.
So menu del dia lead me to chose white aspargus for my first plate, which arrived within just a few minutes of ordering. White asparagus with tuna and a vinegarette, which was very tasty and the vinegrette was nice to soak up with the bread. Nearly as soon as I finished that the second course arrived- lamb with fried potatoes. The lamb was tender and flavoursome but a little too much salt for me but that is interpretation. Dessert came from the fridge cabinet in the middle of the restaurant, so I could chose what to have- and the choice was difficult but ended up with crema de caramel, and a nice one at that. The wine was pretty decent as well, though as a single diner I don't think I would have finished a whole bottle at lunch time without giving up on sightseeing for the afternoon.
All in all it was a decent enough choice- less showy than other places, and equally if you knew the city you could have found somewhere better maybe. At the same time there were a few men who looked like they worked in Leon in for lunch which is always a decent enough sign. As I know I will be back in Leon at some stage soon, I'll keep this place in mind as it is fairly central to all the historic sights.
Casa Daniel Restaurant
Calle Del Cid, 4
Leon, 24004
615 991 529

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