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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on May 3, 2013

I am often travelling on the road through Omagh and on to Belfast and hence am always looking for good places to stop for coffee and/or food. I had seen this place just off the roundabout at Ballygawley- the roundabout with the Omagh road on it. One morning needing coffee I decided to stop as I knew I had make good time already and would make it to Belfast too early. So I pulled in and parked. You go down steps to get into the building. First bad impression is that from the car park you look straight into an old upstairs storeroom with junk which is not great. There is a shop with lots of bits and bobs- a place my mother would love to wander through and buy presents in. The coffee shop has its counter in the middle of this shop and then the seating is down at the far end in another room- strange layout! They had lovely fresh scones so I chose one with apple and cinnamon and a pot of tea and went and sat down as they warmed up the scone and brought everything down to me.
The table area is a little too dark- not enough natural light and the furniture was too dark a coloured stain. But the problem was the smell of cleaning solvents from the toilets-not the odour you want! It was not the most pleasant surroundings for a coffee shop- needs some more work! Anyway the scone was good - tasty. Would I stop again, probably - but just for coffee, it didn't impress me enough to try lunch.
Suitor Gallery
17 Grange Road
Ballygawley, Northern Ireland
028 8556 8653

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