Crepes and Coleslaw

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by eilidhcatriona on May 3, 2013

La Crepe Rit is a cafe located in Liverpool's Albert Dock, a development with shopping, restaurants and tourist attractions. During our recent trip to Liverpool, we headed to the Albert Dock one day for lunch, knowing there were quite a few places to choose from. La Crepe Rit had the kind of menu we were looking for, so in we went.

The cafe is low ceilinged, with full length windows along the front, like most of the shops and cafes in the Albert Dock. The name (The Laughing Crepe) is due to the crepes included on the menu, but there was plenty of other things to choose from - sandwiches, jacket potatoes, and burgers among them.

When the waitress came to take our order, we were all a little difficult - my partner and his mum were both having burgers, and both asked for coleslaw instead of the included side salad. The waitress said she would check if this could be switched or if we'd have to pay for the coleslaw separately. I chose a jacket potato with cheese and beans, and specified that I wanted the cheese on first, and the beans on top (so the cheese melted into the potato - there's an art to jacket potatoes). The waitress seemed a bit bemused by this, but said it would be fine. She came back a minute later to tell us the coleslaw would have to be charged as a separate side.

We didn't have to wait for too long for our food. My jacket potato had been done properly, with the cheese under the beans, and it was nice enough but nothing special. There was no salt or butter on the potato, which always makes it tastier, and the potato was simply sliced in half, not quartered and mashed a little, which is the best way to do it. The side salad which came with it was fine, with a nice vinaigrette dressing on it. The two burgers were a good size, and like the potato they were fine but nothing special. I thought the chips that came with them looked really good, but by the time my partner had finished and I stole a couple, they were a bit dry. He said that they had been better when they were fresh.

As for the coleslaw, one serving between my partner and his mum would have been sufficient, especially as t wasn't particularly good. Neither of them even ate half. I had some too, and I wasn't impressed. It was really quite watery, and not very good at all.

Service at La Crepe Rit was good, and the waitress was quite accommodating. Although filling and generally not bad, the food really seemed quite basic. Prices weren't high, with each of our meals at £5-£6, but even so I expected something a bit better than what I could make at home. And in actual fact, my own jacket potatoes are a bit better.
La Crepe Rit
20-21 The Colonnades, The Albert Dock
Liverpool, England, L3 4AA
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