Very fresh and innovative Asian food

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JesusW on May 1, 2013

The restaurant is a gem, the food has never disappointed our group, the price is reasonable as you get some very generous portions, but it is not a regular Chinese nor Japanese restaurant.

In a Chinese restaurant you order some main dishes to share, at Wok that is a bit more complicated as you get individual plates, some of the huge, but still individual. It is not a Sushi bar, although it has one, it is not a Viet nor Thai place, but has some of those cuisines great dishes.

The offering is extremely well presented in what at the beginning looks like a magazine, but is in reality the menu, extremely well printed and put together (both the dishes and the presentation).

One fact that cough my attention was the responsible fishing policy: they don't serve endangered species in their menu, they even explain why is bad for the planet to order certain kind of fish.
In each issue of their menu (they change form time to time) they explain the use and brief history of some of the ingredients used in the restaurant, nice touch.

The touch and flavor of each dish is very well done and they are fast in the kitchen, I have seen the crew and is very vast, one day we arrived at lunch time and had to wait like 20min to get seated, but it was worth it, every single morsel of food.
One extremely nice touch of Colombia is that in most restaurants you can get real fruit juices, not canned or processed ones, you notice as the flavor is natural and varies from day to day, not like with concentrated that takes exactly the same wherever and whenever you go.

Take a long visit to their menu
it would drive you crazy trying to decide, it has happened to me every visit, :)

Highly recommended if you are in Bogot√°.
Wok Zona T
Carrera 13, No. 82-74
Bogota, Colombia
+57 (1) 218 9040

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