The best burgers I have ever tasted

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by JesusW on May 1, 2013

El Corral has been my favorite burger joint since I discovered them 3 years ago, but now that I visited El Corral Gourmet, the bar has been risen higher.

El Corral is absolutely the best burger place I have visited, then I met the "gourmet" side of the chain and the game has changed, you get salads, soups, steak, a full bar, wine, and some additional ingredients for your burger you won't find at the regular El Corral. It is a full restaurant and caters to a wealthier target, already El Corral is not in the cheap nor "fast food" category because they don't compete with MacD in prices and they take their time to make you burger to the perfect point. So, it belongs in a different notch.

At "gourmet" you find different burger variants like: Japanese, Argentinian, Mediterranean, etc. involving about 10 kind of cheese; sausages, dressings, toppings, etc. Imagine adding blue cheese or avocado to your order, or an onion soup or opting for a juicy steak.
In the regular Corral you can have a beer, in the Gourmet restaurants you can choose wine, cocktails, spirits, and several deserts. In short, a very vast menu.

My pics are from the Corral Gourmet at Calle 116 / carrera 16, not far from the Carulla Pepe Sierra, and some from the one at Paque de la 93, not far from the Zona T.

Check their website for more info, it's worth visiting as they have many branches, but not all are gourmet.

Buen provecho.

El Corral Gourmet Calle 93
Calle 93A No. 14 - 30
Bogota, Colombia

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