Two Musketeers Do Downtown Disney! No Mickey or Tigger! WAHH!

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Before we left for our trip to Orlando, Pam, Danielle, and I debated whether to take a trip to the Magic Kingdom or not. After looking at admission prices to get into the parks, we decided it was going to be too expensive for us poor students, and decided our time would be spent poolside at our hotel and getting ready for our HOSA competitions.

But we were not disappointed when our coordinator, Ms. Ponson, mentioned that it was free to get into Downtown Disney and there were several buses that would take us there from Coronado Springs Resorts. YES! Danielle, Pam, and I made plans to go to Downtown Disney together our first morning in Disney World. After breakfast, we made our way to the bus stop and waited for a shuttle to take us to Downtown Disney. And waited and waited. Pam was starting to do the cross legged dance and had to find a bathroom. So we waited for her. Then the shuttles started to show up and Danielle and I thought Pam had fallen in the toilet or gotten lost. We missed five shuttles before Danielle went to search for Pam. She found her and Pam said that the bathrooms were further away from shuttle stop than expected. Then Pam felt really tired after not having a good night's rest and decided to go back to our room and nap. So it was just Danielle and I for Downtown Disney.

After a little bit of a wait, the shuttle came back to Coronado Springs and we got on the bus. It was about a 15-minute ride to Downtown Disney, and Danielle and I spent the time talking with each other and one of the parents of one of the middle school competitors and parents of one of the students in a band competition going on in Downtown Disney. We finally arrived at Downtown Disney and disembarked for a little adventure.

Downtown Disney is the shopping and restaurant center of The Magic Kingdom, and it is a nice diversion for those who want the Disney experience but cannot afford the steep prices for the parks or don't want to fight the crowds associated with Disney World. There are many shops to peruse along with a variety of restaurants that will satisfy the cravings of ones with sweet tooths, love burgers, or other foods.

Danielle and I spent our time at Downtown Disney walking around the area and taking pictures of its surroundings. We would take a break and go inside one of the stores and looks around and check things out. Danielle was looking for a souvenir for her little boy while I was just enjoying the experience. We had a good time checking out the many Disney souvenir stores but the Lego Experience was too crowded for us to visit in our time limit. However, Danielle and I did hit the Major League Baseball Store, and I loved looking at all of the Mickey Mouse toys in various Major League uniforms and paraphenalia. However, I would like to tell the management that they need to put a display of the Red Sox at the entrance and not of the Yankees, a.k.a. The Evil Empire. HA HA! I was enjoying myself a lot in the MLB store but I stopped myself and got out of there before Danielle would have had to drag me out kicking and screaming!

The closest thing to meeting the Disney characters for me was having a pictures taken with the Tigger figurine in front of one of the stores. Tigger is my favorite Disney character and I couldn't resist that shot one bit.

Danielle and I spent a couple of hours at Downtown Disney before having lunch at Cooke's of Dublin Pub and then headed back to our hotel. Pam made it to Downtown Disney the next day and couldn't believe how crazy it was there with crowds and kept her visit short, but for all three of us, we can say we saw a little bit of Disney World during our four days there!

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