Between the devil and the Blue Sea Garden

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Slug on April 17, 2013

We wanted to eat a little bit back from the harbour front, using the logic that it would be cheaper and perhaps the restaurant would make a little more effort with the meal. Many of the restaurants in the old part of town, Kaleici, are attached to a pension which again means that they might persuade their guests to dine here a few times if their meal is good. On our way back to our Pension we spotted a larger Pension, the Blue Sea Garden with an outdoor dining area, and pricing which suggested it was cheaper than most of the immediate sea front restaurants.

The said gardens were actually quite large and pretty with a couple of family dogs, a beautiful cat and a tortoise prowling around it. The tortoise rather freaked me out as it kept on going under our tables and chairs and I was frightened of putting my chair leg on the poor critter. We later had an amusing moment as it tried to crawl into my beloved's handbag. Imagine explaining that one to the customs and excise people as you leave the country with a tortoise hidden in your bag!

We had asked to dine at the back of the restaurant as it appeared to offer the best views over to the sea, but when we got there we discovered it more looked over the rather dilapidated gardens of the pension next door and so didn't offer the best views, although it meant we were a little tucked away from most of the other diners. There is a Blue Sea view but it is rather distant.

My 2 dining companions chose a simple tuna salad, and got an absolute mound of tuna (good quality albeit tinned) with a gently dressed salad of pomegranate juice and oil.

I splashed out just a little and my Calarmari Salad (for the equivalent of £6) also had a lot of nice fresh octopus which wasn't at all chewy. A large bottle of Effes lager was 6 lire (£2.40) which was as cheap as we found in old town Antalya.

We were quite happy with our meal, which when added to the gratis starter of bread and a plate of nice tasting tapas to share was certainly ample for a lunch.

The only downside to our dining experience was that as the place was also someone's hotel, it felt a little strange but understandable that a fat man was playing in the pool in the centre of the restaurant with his young daughter. He was certainly braver than me in getting his man-boobs out in front of diners and kudos to him, but if you are uncomfortable with the thought (either as resident or as diner) then it's something to bear in mind about the Blue Sea Garden.

To sum up the Blue Sea Gardens offered one of our cheaper dining experiences and we enjoyed our good and well presented meal. While the garden is pleasant, the "Blue Sea" is a little distance away on the horizon.
Blue Sea Garden
Kilicarslan Mah. Hesapci Sok. No: 65
Antalya, Turkish Mediterranean Coast

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