The Three Musketeers Splurge Mexican Style!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Wildcat Dianne on April 14, 2013

My friends Pam, Danielle, and I had arrived at the Coronado Springs Resort about 5:30 in the afternoon of April 3. We were tired, sore, and hungry and didn't want to be running all around the Magic Kingdom in search of a meal. Pam, Danielle, and I just wanted a good, hot meal and to enjoy each others' company before retiring to our room to relax and go to bed early in anticipation of the next's days activities, which for us included a trip to Downtown Disney World for Danielle and me, rest for Pam, our Medical Assistant qualifying test the next night followed by the HOSA Spring Conference Opening Ceremonies.

Lucky for us, the Maya Grill was only a short walk from our room in Casitas 3, and although it was more expensive than most restaurants Pam, Danielle, and I are used to going to, we felt it would be a great splurge for our dinner. Plus, when we got on the bus that morning, we were each given a $174 stipend from HOSA for food, drinks, and snacks and whatever else we needed during our stay in Orlando.

Upon entering the Maya Grill, we were greeted by our host Boris from Lima, Peru, according to his name tag. He asked us if we had reservations, which we didn't not knowing if we needed them or not, but no problem. It was still a little bit early for the big crowds to come in, and we were able to get a table right away. Our waitress was right there with menus and asked us if we wanted a drink, and we all got soft drinks and started to read the menu while the waitress got our drinks. It didn't take Pam, Danielle, and I to decide what we wanted for dinner because the menu was small but varied. Pam and Danielle decided to get the Chicken Enchiladas while I went with the Vegetarian Burrito. When you are on vacation, you are supposed to be bad and eat all of stuff that is bad for you, but I craved vegetables that night and the Veggie Burrito fit the bill for me perfectly. Our waitress took our orders after she delivered our drinks, and we passed the time waiting for our food talking and laughing about the day's adventures and other subjects.

Before dinner, our waitress brought us some tortilla chips with red salsa and salsa verde which we nibbled on while waiting for dinner. Danielle, Pam, and I were hungry, but we didn't pounce on the chips like starving wolves and didn't clean out the basket. Our food arrived within 15 minutes, and we looked at our plates with a look of WOW! The portions were huge and artfully arranged on orange triangle plates and came with our main courses, Spanish rice, guacamole, sour cream, and black refried beans. Pam confessed that she never had black refried beans, and I told her she was in for a treat. Danielle and Pam's Chicken Enchiladas came three on each plate and were covered in a queso blanco sauce and looked really good. My veggie burrito was huge and came cut in half and was stuffed with rice, zucchini and yellow squashes, onions, and seasonings. I had to eat mine with a fork and knife as did Danielle and Pam had to, too. Our waitress refilled our sodas before leaving us and we dug in. Danielle's meal came with a side of sauteed yellow and zucchini squash, but she let me have them after I teased her about not eating her veggies. Danielle was a good girl and only ate half of her dinner and brought the rest back to our room in a doggie bag while Pam and I were little piggies and cleared our plates. Pam took pictures of her plate before and after indulging. Our waitress and one of the bus boys came around every few minutes to see how we were doing and to see if we needed more to drink.

Our dinners totaled to about $72 plus tip. As I said before, it was more expensive than we usually pay for a meal, but in the end, it was worth it and it was on HOSA, too! So we couldn't complain. I would have loved to have taken a walk to burn off my veggie burrito, but a hot shower and comfy bed were beckoning to all of us, so we went back to our room full and happy and ready to conquer the next days' activities. Maya Grill is highly recommended on all accounts if you are staying at Disney's Coronado Resorts.

Maya Grill
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