Lovely Beach on The South Coast

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While on a beach hopping mission in the South of Antigua, I stopped for a few hours at an idyllic stretch of white sand known as Turner's Beach. Since this beach is located in the small coastal village of Crab Hill, it is also known as Crab Hill Beach, but regardless of what name it's called, the beach is stunningly scenic.

There is a large amount of sand on the shoreline, and some of it is raised due to the high tides which reach further inland after 5pm daily. This raised sand is fun to walk on, as it crumbles immediately, dropping you a gentle foot or so, down to the beach. Closer to the water, the sand is softer, smooth in texture and a brillaint shade of white. It's really comfortable to spread out a beach towel and lay down for a sunbath!

Turner's beach is very popular however, so don't expect too much tranquility during the hours of 10am to 3pm. This is a regular stop for catamaran tours, so expect to share your paradise with a few tourists especially on cruise ship days. I don't have an issue with it, as I usually prefer a lively atmosphere.

On the shore, several brightly coloured wooden stalls are erected, mainly for the purpose of selling souvenirs for visitors. I love the vibrant hues which greatly contrast with the otherwise mellow surroundings, and I had a great time taking countless photographs with the ocean as my backdrop.

There is a large beach bar and restaurant just off the beach where you can cool off with a cold beverage if the sun's rays become too intense. Beach chairs are available for USD$5, and can be placed underneath a swaying palm tree or one of the small wooden beach umbrellas which are scattered along the shore, for much needed shade.

I had a great time splashing about in the gentle waves, but I must make a note of the large number of small shells under the beach. The shells were small and smooth, but persons with sensitive feet should definitely wear beach shoes. Turner's Beach is a wonderful beach to spend a few hours, with lots of shade and an amazing seascape.
Turners Beach

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