A Decent Bar, Amazing Views

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Jodeci527 on April 10, 2013

Turners Beach Bar is a decent sized beach bar and restaurant located off the shoreline of Turner's Beach. It's one of the more frequented dining spots on the South side of the island, and I've eaten here on numerous occasions in the past, both for lunch and dinner. On my last trip however, I was seeking a refreshing drink to quench my thirst after frolicking in the nearby beach.

During the day, the beach bar is very laid back about the dress code, so I was able to enter the premises donned in only my swimsuit and a sarong. The wooden flooring was perfect for the setting, so I didn't need to worry about causing any permanent damage with my wet feet!

The entire bar area is conducive for beach goers, from the wooden bar and stools, to the small area where sea bathers can rinse off the sand from their bodies, before entering the establishment. I made my way to the bar and ordered a can of Sprite with a slightly inflated price of $2 USD.

Seeing as I was in a largely popular tourist area, this is to be expected, so I didn't grumble. The soft drink was presented with a plastic cup filled with ice, and I grabbed a seat at one of the tables on the verandah. The verandah offers a lovely panorama of the Caribbean Sea, the nearby cliffsides and a clear view of the neighbouring islands of Montserrat and St. Kitts & Nevis.

As I enjoyed my beverage, I glanced about at the 'beachcomber' style which emanated in the sense of d├ęcor in the restaurant. There were strings of shells dangling from the roof, shelled chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and various nautical articles were randomly positioned on the walls. I liked the entire beach bum atmosphere that was created, which obviously took a lot of time and effort to design.

For persons who are interested in dining, there's the regular beach bar food such as Bbq chicken for $12 USD, and other meals such as burgers and fries are available. Persons who care to indulge a bit can order a lobster dish for $44 USD. The menu is varied, and I've enjoyed every meal I have ever eaten at Turners.

Turner's Beach Bar may not be the most upscale beach bar on the island, but it's casual ambience allows patrons to relax and enjoy the scenery around them. While the prices could be a bit cheaper, for it's prime location and the lovely beach nearby, it may very well be worth the visit.
Turners Beach Restaurant
Turners Beach
St. John's, Antigua
268 462 9133


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