Socializing in the Sky

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Jodeci527 on March 27, 2013

For the very first time, the concept of rooftop bars has finally arrived at the shores of Antigua. After years of watching movies and television shows of partygoers enjoying drinks and music under the open sky, Antiguan locals were finally able to witness for themselves the experience of lounging with a beverage above the ground and below the stars.

The SkyBar is one of the more swankier lounges on the island, and only opened it's doors in January 2013. In this short space of time, it's reputation for offering a great night out on the town was quite widespread, so I decided to give it a try for myself, to determine whether the bar would live up to the hype. This was my experience:

The Skybar is on the top floor of one the tallest buildings in the city, at the corner of Corn Alley and Redcliffe Street. This position is very centralized in St. Johns, allowing patrons to easily visit the Skybar after work or before hitting a club on the weekend.

This is a breeze, as the streets downtown become vacant after working hours, and there are no parking meters to worry about. The parking spots on either side of the street are clearly outlined, and the streetlights which are in abundance provide decent security for your vehicle.

Entrance Fees
After passing through the door on the ground floor, my friends and I went to the gentleman who was accepting funds and applying paper bands on the wrists of guests. We were charged an entrance fee of $20 XCD, which is the equivalent of $7.50 USD. Most bars in Antigua don't have a door charge, but I was willing to pay for the higher level of night life which was being promised.

The elevator sped us to the top floor of the building, and after exiting, we passed through a door and stepped out onto the roof. The change of scenery was truly scintillating, with a large amount of black light, white furniture and decorative fabric fashioned in an elegant manner. The entire bar scene appeared to posses an otherworldy glow, and laser machines skipped light patterns across the floor in a brilliant display of colour.

The View
A small flight of stairs took my friends and I to the observation deck of the SkyBar. The 360 degree view of the city was impressive, and we spent a while simply admiring the twinkling lights below as cars passed below and the red steady lights of the ships which were docked in the St. John's harbour. Due to a cloudless night, the soft luminous rays of moonlight bathed the entire city, and made the vista even more spectacular.

The Bar
The bar itself is on the smaller side, but there were always three bartenders working at the same time, which resulted in little to no delay with our drink orders. I found the staff to be quite efficient, and the variety of alcohol was far from lacking. Everything from cold beer, wine, mixed drinks, cocktails and hard liquour was available. Drink prices varied, but prices were comparable to other places on the island, ranging from $3 to $6 USD.

The DJ mixed a large selection of music throughout the night, playing everything from Pop, Reggae, Soca, R&B and Techno. The volume level wasn't excessive and the speakers were evenly distributed, which led to an enjoyable aural experience.

Dress Code
Everyone appeared to be nicely turned out that evening. Although I wasn't made aware of an actual dress code, I saw most ladies wearing short dresses and heels, while the males wore sneakers, nice jeans and buttoned down shirts. I would recommend any interested person to dress along the lines of Elegantly Casual.

I had a fantastic night out at the Skybar, and it's a spot I could definitely see myself frequenting. The vibe there is very chic and the view at the top is lovely. I happily recommend!
corner of Corn Alley and Redcliffe Street
St. Johns

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