Mountain burgers

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by dangaroo on March 13, 2013

After a leisurely hike to Morskie Oko proved a touch more tiring than the walk in the park we'd expected and the only sustenance to have graced our gullets was a mandarin at the panoramic top, we had become famished.

One place stood out over the others on the restaurant-lined street Krupowki and it happened to be one of the least aesthetic, with brash pictures of burgers, kebabs and other greasy fast foods - goral burger or 'mountain' burger promotes what's essentially junk food passed off as local hearty fare.

Again, like our other culinary experiences in Zakopane, the dining area was cramped but at least we knew that we'd be served quickly. One section specialised in potato cakes. While the other served the burgers, chips and typical fast food.

My friends ordered a burger while we opted for potato cakes with a goulash sauce. We were in luck, or so we thought as we were served immediately. I begun wolfing mine down but it quickly became apparent that they'd failed on the two counts possible. The outside was burnt and the inside row. Amateur staff, the sauce was ok and I survived though it left my wife iwth indigestion which she had to sleep off.

I was just in the process of polishing her leftovers off when my firends were finally served their burger and chips which came with the ubiquitous 'surowka', a cabbage salad much like coleslaw. They'd waited a while and were a bit disappointed that it came without bread, they had been under the impression the burger would be served in a bun. Not too bad apparently but for the same price (20zl) you could find much better in the capital.

The beer was terribly flat and I recommend avoiding it, I like my ale but struggled to finish the pint served in a plastic glass. The toilet was small, constantly occupied and dirty from the traces of melted snow left behind from customer's hiking boots. This was unavoidable, fortunately so is eating here. Overall, a below par experience.

Goral Burger
Krupówki 38
Zakopane, Poland, 34-500
602 607 200

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