Two Nights at Mamallena

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Mandan Lynn on March 11, 2013

We got a private room at Mamallena for two nights for $27.50 per night. Dorm beds are $11, if you'd like to take a cheaper route. I chose it for its central location -- it's right off Boquete's main street by the town square.

The room was clean and adequate, with two double beds and a private bathroom. Towels are available for rent (we brought our own). The bathroom was very clean, and it seems that the tile work is relatively recent. The shower has fantastic water pressure.

Breakfast is included, but we didn't really get to take advantage. They offer coffee, which we did have, and there was milk in the "free" section of the refrigerator. Breakfast consists of a bowl of pancake batter and a do-it-yourself spirit. This is no problem, and I love pancakes. The trouble was, the girls who got there before us (and we were there right after 7:00am because we wanted to get a jump on the day) apparently had never made pancakes in their lives.

They put oil in the pan, but didn't spread it out all the way. Then they put pancake batter in the pan and DID spread it out all the way, so that only the middle part didn't stick like crazy. One girl was using a pan designed for meat, and didn't reconsider even when a nice man suggested a different appliance. She had junked her pancake and started over twice when we finally said, "oh, well." The coffee was good, though.

The next day, we didn't even both with the hostel breakfast -- instead, we went to Sugar and Spice (check out the review!).

We didn't know this was the party hostel when I booked a two-night stay, but as it turned out, that is the case. Not that that's a bad thing, but you should know up front that if you want to sleep uninterrupted, it might not happen. It didn't for us. There was music on both nights at the bar next door, and lots of chatter and activity in the hostel itself. I woke up twice the first night to loud voices and the sound of something falling.

That said, the Mamallena does a great job catering to their crowd. They organize all sorts of excursions, from coffee tours to horseback riding to hikes and rafting. Whatever you want to do in Boquete, they can help you with it. They also host events on the premises -- the first night we were there, they did a barbecue. We went out to dinner instead, but I saw on the white board that it was $10 per person, and they had a huge list of menu items.

I doubt we'll stay here again, just because we'd rather sleep. But if you're looking for a cool party vibe and don't mind waiting a long time to make yourself some pancakes, this is a great little place.

Hostel Mamallena B&B, Boquete
in front of Parque Central

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