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I have been to Edinburgh several times over the years and of course I have seen the Scott monument as you couldn’t fail to notice it as it towers over Princess Street from its position in Princess Street Gardens and I think that the blackness of the stone really adds to its appeal. I have always admired it as it looks really gothic and I have always liked gothic buildings and monuments but it has always been from a distance as I had no idea the monument was actually accessible until the last time that I was in Edinburgh with my sister and walking along the path in the gardens we saw people coming out of the monument.

Of course as soon as I realised that you could actually go inside all the way to the top of the monument I had to go in. My sister wasn’t as keen on climbing to the top as I was but I managed to talk her in to it.

From the outside the monument doesn’t actually look that big but it actually stands at over 61 metres high and you need to climb 287 steps to reach the highest viewing platform. My sister was right to be a bit wary of climbing to the top of the monument but that was only because she was wearing completely impractical shoes for it. What we didn’t realise before we went in was that the stairways up would be so narrow or that the steps would be so slippy.

If you do decide to visit the monument and I would highly recommend that you do then I would make sure that you are wearing proper shoes as sandles really weren’t a good idea not even a particularly safe one. The staircase is really narrow and winding and it is actually a bit of a tight squeeze going up and down and the fact that people are passing you on the way just adds to the sense of claustrophobia. It is also really tiring on the legs and I am glad we were relatively young and fit as it was a bit of a workout.

All of that was well worth it however when we reached the highest viewing platform and seen the views over Edinburgh. Edinburgh is a beautiful city and going to the top of the monument gives some beautiful views and both my sister and I agreed it was well worth the climb.

What you don’t realise when looking at the monument from a distance is just how much detail there actually is on it. All over it are little statues of characters from Sir Walter Scott’s works and these are stunningly intricate and viewing the monument from up close really gives an appreciation of the work that has gone in to it.

The best time to visit the monument would be a lovely sunny day like we had to be able to take in all the incredible views but you never know if you will get that in Edinburgh but even on a cloudy day the views will still be incredible and the overcast weather would actually make the monument look even more imposing and it is worth going just to appreciate it up close.

The monument is open throughout the year with varying closing and opening times and it costs £3 for both adults and children and I think this is a cheap price to be able to appreciate the monument up close and to also get some wonderful views of the city.
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