Freezing Cold But Worth It!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by CarolinaPanthers1983 on March 10, 2013

My family went to the zoo with our new friends (Another family) who live in Louisiana. We decided to send our families to this zoo. It was a very cold day for being New Orleans, so we made sure that we bundle up to keep warm. Thanks to our friends, my family and I could enter the museum for very low price.

This zoo is very unique compared to the many zoos that I have visited. The zoo is not only a zoo, but it is also an art museum and a theme park. For example, as you enter the museum you can see the many statues and even a carousel. The kids loved the carousel, even though the ride was old and needed repairs badly on some of the rides.

As we toured the zoo, we noticed something; the animals were very active in the park. Our friends told us that they have been to this museum many times, but they have never seen the animals act very active. We thought that it was the cold that was making them active. We heard and saw an actual lion roar, which was cool. At first, I thought that it was the sounds from a tape recording, but it was a real lion making sound.

What I love about this zoo compared to many others that I have been to is the uniqueness. You can tell that this zoo has been around for a very long time (The carousel had to be like more than 50 years old). I love how the zoo is very opened. For example, the zoo has a lake area area in which it seemed like all the birds from around the world came. The highlight of our visit was an orangutan. It saw a bunch of people who came to see what it was doing; it decided to sit in front of the crowd. It opened its hand to demand something such as food. People were shocked to see that this animal was demanding something like it was asking cash to do a performance. I thought it was very funny.

Overall, this is a MUST visit zoo. I have been to many zoos, but this one will always stand out in my mind. Unlike other zoos, it has that old-fashion feel that my family and I enjoyed very much. Highly recommended
Audubon Zoo
6500 Magazine Street
New Orleans, 70118
(504) 581-4629

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