Down home comfort food with Uptown cocktails

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by juliejaynak on February 28, 2013

I will preface my review by stating the fact that I did work as a hostess there for about 5 months, but I had been there to eat before I worked there and have gone back after. It's a wildly popular restaurant here in Dallas, so the fact that I worked there really doesn't have much bearing on eating dinner there.

They're known for their Stodg burger- a burger with a fried egg on top, as well as their amazing 3 cheese grilled cheese with tomatoes and and tomato soup. These are both amazing, but quite honestly EVERYTHING there is extremely delicious. My personal favorite is the way they fry up their chicken for their Buttermilk Fried Chicken Cobb sandwich. Very lightly flaky and fresh. Their cocktails are all extremely freshly mixed and I particularly like the Grapefruit Gimlet or the Blood Orange Margarita. If you're going during peak dinner hours be prepared to wait, as they DO NOT take reservations. It is very standard for people to wait 2 hours to eat on the weekends. If you have a large party- you should definitely call ahead in order to help them plan- but you'll certainly still be waiting. Their brunch is also FANTASTIC and the pancakes are a little bit of heaven. You can't go wrong with anything here!
The Porch
2912 N Henderson Ave
Dallas, Texas, 75206

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