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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Slug on February 17, 2013

We don't know Sheffield particularly well so we were grateful that a work friend of my beloved wanted to meet up for a beer or two and she had suggested a nice real ale pub on the edge of the centre of town towards the University for a beer or two.

The Red Lion is down a rather anonymous side street, but the Ward's Brewery Victorian era advertisement embossed into the outside wall certainly made the place stand out. Although it was fairly early at 6:30pm, we struggled to snaffle a table and ended up in the conservatory annexe watching the smokers through the window brave the winter weather for their dirty little habit. The pub clientele was mixed age but tended towards the younger end with a fair sprinkling of students. The decor was clean and tidy although perhaps just a little battered in places. Still I liked the pub and it certainly felt a relaxed if a little lively place.

The bar had three choices of real ale, including a local Sheffield brew (I always like to see local beers) and one of my old stand-by's Timothy Taylor's Landlord. I remember the Wards beer of the advert outside and it used to give me a poorly stomach although it was a nice brew. The brewery was bought out some years ago. I was quite happy with the choice and my beloved was quite happy with the choice of barman; a particularly hunky young lad with muscles bouncing up and down his arms as he pulled our pint. I was pleased he had a roving eye as it meant he was a good employee making sure that people were served in turn.

Although the place was a little noisy we were quite happy chatting over the beer and the noise levels weren't so distracting to put us off talking about our friend's forthcoming wedding. The only slight downside to the place came with the obligatory visit to the toilets which are located up some steps to one side of the bar. Unfortunately the pub has put bar chairs along the narrow corridor, and a rather ignorant woman was plonked on a chair right in the middle of the space. After a polite "excuse me" elicited no reaction I squeezed past her almost turfing her off her seat. I managed with the glare I received, and hopefully she will think twice about where she sits in future.

Summing up; I thought the Red Lion was a nice friendly pub (with the exception of the annoying toilet blocker) and with good beer and comfortable surroundings, I'm sure we will visit again now we know where it is.
Red Lion
109 Charles Street
Sheffield, England, S1 2ND
+44 114 272 4997

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