Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at Paraiso

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Mandan Lynn on February 11, 2013

We had breakfast here several mornings and were delighted. $6 buys breakfast, whatever you order. That means it's $6 for fruit and coffee, or $6 for two eggs, two pancakes, toast, coffee, bacon, and fruit. Mix and match. My boyfriend ordered sausage three times, and each day it came out differently -- once it was a large link sausage, once it was a patty, and once it looked more like a squat hot dog. The pancake and eggs are both great, like you might make in your own kitchen.

There are three main seating areas -- small round, covered tables in the courtyard, enclosed seating near the bar, and a huge covered outdoor patio with larger tables for larger groups. It very common to see people sitting around talking, having drinks, or playing cards throughout the day.

Beer is the cheapest here that we've seen yet -- just $0.75 for certain brands, and $1-2 for others! I was sitting at one of the round tables one afternoon, and I ordered a pina colada. It came out in what you would could call a pina colada glass, and it was very good. So I ordered a second one after I had finished. Not only was did it come in a different glass the second time (more of a champagne glass), it tasted different! It was still good -- but nothing like what I'd ordered the first time. Another time, I had a great glass of sangria.

The menu has a lot of lunch and dinner items, as well -- nachos, soup, lasagna and other pasta, salad, chicken, pork chops, and fish. All the meat dishes come with salad and French fries, plantains, or yucca. For dinner one time I ordered the small order of breaded shrimp, and I asked for the Greek salad to accompany it. It was so good, and fairly large considering it was a side salad. However, the small order of shrimp is only five shrimp, so maybe they were just filling the plate. So glad they did! My boyfriend had the corvina (sea bass) -- and there were no bones in there, which meant I could taste it. Delicious.

Rose, the owner, also schedules lots of special events -- game nights, salsa lessons, Spanish classes, and more. It's a great social scene outside of Coronado, with great food to match.
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