Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge

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The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is located on Mile 238.5 of the Parks Highway, just outside of the entrance to Denali National Park. It’s the largest lodge/accommodation in the Denali Park entrance area, and very easy to spot. The lodge can be booked independently of any other Princess activity or cruise. After careful online research, we chose the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge because it is the largest in the area and would most likely have the most resources available to us.

Our AAA room rate booked online for 3 people sharing a room was $289/night, with tax, that’s $309.23/night. (At a little over $100/person per night, that's not bad.) We booked 4 nights, with arrival on a Monday, and departure on Friday. The room was two double beds and a roll-away. We didn’t bother to book anything with a view, as we figured most of our time would be spent outside, where there was a view all around us anyways.Since we arrived by train, we boarded one of the many complimentary shuttles from the Denali train depot for the 10 minute ride to the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge. And since most people usually arrive by the busload or trainload, the check-in line at the main lodge was rather long. However, the check-in staff were quite efficient quick, and our wait wasn’t all that long. Plus, there are plenty of seats and couches for lounging around while waiting.

The way the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge is set up is a bunch of individual lodges, a main lodge that houses the check-in area, and buildings for restaurants and shops. Our lodge was a bit of a walk from the main lodge (although we eventually found a very quick shortcut.) Most lodges are two story wooden buildings with an exterior walkway around the building. Our room was quite nice, with two double beds, a television, an armoire, sink area with coffee-maker, and bathroom, much like any modern hotel room. We did notice there was no air conditioning (not that it’s needed in this part of Alaska) but there is heating. The staff brought the roll away bed a few minutes later. The accommodations were quite adequate for our stay.

You will visit the main lodge quite a bit. The main lodge, which houses the check-in area was only 2-3 minutes away from our room with our shortcut up a service road. The main lodge is where the complimentary shuttles to and from Denali National Park leave every hour. The shuttle takes about 15 minutes, with stops at the Denali Park railroad track crossing, Visitors Center, Wilderness Access Center, and train Depot. We noticed that some of the smaller lodges have shared shuttles, while Princess has its own fleet of shuttle buses, which means a quicker ride into the park. The main lodge also has a small coffee shop, ice cream shop, and convenience store. The main lodge also has complimentary wireless internet.

There is also a restaurant/hall, used for events and hosts the breakfast buffet each morning, a formal restaurant/bar, a pizza restaurant, as well as a few shops around the lodge. Most curious is the wood carving shop, as there are plenty of bears and totem poles sitting outside on display which you can purchase and have shipped home.The Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge sits along the George Parks Highway to the east and along a ledge bordering the Nenana River to the west. There are observation areas around the lodge property where you can view the Nenana River below. You can easily reach the Denali "village" where the shops and restaurants and boardwalk are located on the opposite side of the George Parks Highway via 2 crosswalks, making this a very convenient location. While there are restaurants within the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge, we ended up eating at the Denali village restaurants on the recommendation of other guests.

I was very satisfied with our stay at the Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge and I’d stay there again. It’s not the cheapest lodge in the Denali Park entrance area, but it’s very reasonably priced for the area, and by far the most convenient. The staff were all quite pleasant and attentive and made it a great stay. The entire Denali entrance area, including the lodges and Denali village shops, are closed in the winter, and open only from around May to late September.Close
Denali Princess Wilderness Lodge
Mile238 George Parks Highway
Denali, Alaska
(907) 683-2282

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