Gosforth's Falcons Nest on the edge of Newcastle

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Slug on February 9, 2013

We probably wouldn't have bothered to stop off at the Falcons Nest pub on the outskirts of Gosforth were it not for our Travelodge hotel being a literal stone's throw away. While the pub is handily near the Newcastle racecourse, it is also on a small unattractive clump of retail businesses on the side of a busy road with a petrol station and a 24 hour co-op and the Travelodge to keep it company. The aspect of the beer garden is hardly atmospheric.

Still the pub owners have done their best and this modern building does have something of the feel of a farmhouse, albeit with a rather open plan feel to it. The pub is large with two large areas for dining tables and a very long bar. I was impressed with the open fire which looked traditional. I do love an open fire in a pub.
While they serve 5 or 6 real ales none of the ones on offer were strong beers and I decided that I'd sink a few premium lagers on the New Year's Eve evening we visited. However, the bar is well stocked and it sells a good range of drinks. My drinking buddy kept to the ale and told me that it was well looked after; unfortunately there was just nothing to grab my fancy. The wine too was reasonably priced and with a reasonable range on offer.

We also visited for breakfast which the pub offers on a weekend. The full English was £7 a head, but there was some confusion about whether the "help yourself" toast was included in the deal. The sign simply said you could have toast and juice for £3.50 or so if wished. As it turned out we weren't charged for having toast so we assumed it must be in the breakfast deal. The cooked breakfast was cooked to order (rather than being on a hot plate or some such (((shudder))) and came non greasy and good if just a little on the small side. That toast sure came in handy.

We also ate here at New Years Eve. I had Turkey and the trimmings and concluded that the vegetables were very good although the gravy was rather over salted for my taste and the turkey a little dry. However we probably didn't see the place in its best light as it was so busy, and I have to say the service was excellent. The meals seem to be fairly standard brought in affairs, but at a reasonable cost. It's not a place I'd look to impress anyone with, but if you want a bit of tucker while you are on the road, or wanting a bite to eat after the races then I can see you could clearly do worse.

To sum up, if I'm truly honest I wouldn't have visited the Falcons Nest were it not for the Travelodge next door, but it is an attractive looking building selling reasonable quality if standard food and beer.
Vintage Inn 'Falcons Nest'
Rotary Way
Newcastle upon Tyne, England, 3 5


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