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New York New York.

NewYork NewYork is a 2024 roomed hotel opposite the MGM grand and in between the Excalibur hotel and the Monte Carlo hotel. Its façade depicts the New York Manhattan Sky line with high rise buildings and right at the front there is a miniature replica of statue of Liberty. It is built right on a corner of a busy intersection. Along the strip side of the hotel there is a replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. It is a hub for people coming from the southern end of the strip from the hotels of Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay bay and offers a means of crossing to the strip and onwards across a bridge to the MGM grand.

It cost $460 million to build and opened its doors to the public in 1997.

The Casino.

The casino floor is not one of the nicest I have seen or been in in Las Vegas. It appears to be in the basement of the hotel. The casino floor is surrounded by bars and restaurant outlets. Most of the eating places are based on Irish and Italian fare which is quite typical of the New York City scene. It appears to be quite dark and dismal and not the best casino in Las Vegas. Escalators take you down into the pit of the massive hall and bring you back up again.


The main show at the NewYork NewYork is a Cirque du Soliel show called Zumanity along with other shows such as temptation and dancing queen not to forget the Broadway celebration. Most of the shows are quite risqué to say the least and would not be suitable for children.

The Roller coaster ride.
The main feature of the hotel is the Roller Coaster which is a fantastic ride not only does the ride take you outside the hotel but also runs inside the hotel too. The ride is 203 feet high and the biggest drop is 144 feet reaching speeds of 67 miles per hour. It is quite a thrill seeking ride and does a loop the loop supposedly simulating a jet fighters roll and then it continues into a twist just when you have caught your breath again which is totally unexpected. The cars are based on the yellow taxi cabs of New York. The ride is certainly a teeth gripping ride and at times the queues for the ride can be quite long and costs $14 a ride although for another $7 you can re ride the roller coaster although I never saw one person take the ride again! For $25 you can ride on the roller coaster all day long if you so wished.

Personally I would not wish to stay in this hotel but the rooms look quite nice from their own web site.
New York New York Hotel and Casino
3790 Las Vegas Blvd. South
Las Vegas, Nevada

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