Cubs game and stadium tour

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by melissabowman on February 4, 2013

By far the highlight of the trip. I married into a baseball family and my now 8 year old son loves baseball just as much. So being that I am surrounded around lots of baseball this was a real treat to me. Its one of the oldest original ball parks still used for Major league baseball.

We went to a Sunday afternoon game. We arrived early and shopped the stores around the ballpark. We heard that it is best to get there when the gates open because kids can go out on the field to watch batting practice if they are one of the first 50. It was pretty impressive how many people show up 2 hours before game time, although for us that is nothing new. We watched as they rolled open the metal gates and rushed right in with everyone else.

The first stop we made was to get my son his little certificate that said it was his first time at the park. After that we headed down to watch batting practice. Since Wrigley is one of the older stadiums you are able to get very close to the field and see the players us close. After a few minutes of soaking up the stadium we headed down to homeplate when the let the kids down on the field. They slapped a sticker on my son and down he went. This was such a neat experience for him. He was up close and got to watch batting practice from the field.

After BP was over we headed up to our seats. Now Wrigley is so small that every seat in the house was a good seat. We had lower level seats that were in the shade, a good thing too, because it stormed pretty bad and caused a 2 hour game delay, then it was super sunny and hot. We really had great seats.

Now Wrigley is the only stadium that still has a hand changed score board. There a a few men that work the score board for the entire game. During the tour our guide said it can get extremely hot up there and all they have is a hose and a bucket. You can image how gross it must be up there. Oh and NO bathrooms!!!

The bleacher seats were truly a sureal experince, You could almost feel the histroy that came with sitting in those seats. I think the bleachers were my famovirte part of the whole experince. There are so many stories and so much history that goes with them. After the game was over the crowd sang a traditional song, it was so cool beacsue the game was sold out and everyone one was up and singing.

After the game was over we got to take our son down to run the bases. Then we waited by the cubs locker room to watch the players leave. We even got one guys autograph. As we left the stadium we walked around the entire outside as to make sure we did not miss anything. There are several statues that represent some of the history from the stadium.

I highly recommend a trip to Wrigley either in the form of a game or a tour, both if you have the time. It is an experience you won't forget!!
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