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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Slug on January 28, 2013

As our friends wanted to celebrate their 50th birthdays (although it happens to us all, I never thought I'd ever have friends that reached such advanced ages), I didn't have any say in where we were staying.

When I heard we were to spend a week near Scarborough my heart sank a little as I don't particularly like the town; however, I had faith that our friends wouldn't have booked anything rubbish for our self catering experience. As it turned out Cliff House was a good choice for us and we took over three of the five houses on offer. The properties are set out in one piece of land, some are adjoining, others are across the car park or garden area. We rather liked hopping into each other's houses.

The owners were friendly although a little over attentive perhaps. Car parking is at a premium on the site and it seems like the owners keep a keen eye to make sure spaces are available for all cottage. While I guess it's fair enough, it isn't particularly relaxing. Likewise, there is a long list of facilities in the cottages and a list of charges if any of them get broken. Again, I guess it's a choice of the landlord to provide very limited fixtures or to watch items like a hawk. We have a friend who lets his own home out and he has found so many things going home with tenants at the end of the week that he has ended up not replacing items as they are stolen.

Our cottage was ideal for 5 and had a cosy living room which was reasonably if plainly and quite traditionally furnished, with good TV, DVD and CD player. This opened out into a well equipped kitchen (although the cooker had recently broken so it had an added free standing small cooker, which was something of a nuisance). To be truthful it was just one of those things that was not the landlords fault. These reception rooms were below the level of the main door (the house was built into a slope).

We also had a twin room on the half turn of the stair (at front door level) and then two bedrooms upstairs with a toilet upstairs. The main shower and bath was also on the half turn which wasn't as good as it being upstairs (as the downstairs loo was the one used the most).

The floors were also pretty creaky, which meant that we always knew when someone had woken up. Not bad at 7:30am when you needed to get up, but not so good for light sleepers. The shower was certainly hot enough and you could have it at skin reddening temperature if you wished but in pressure it was just the right side of annoying. The shower certainly wasn't something to look forward too but was adequate.

The beds were quite comfortable and the rooms well heated (we actually turned off our bedroom radiator). Our room had a dorma window and as the place is near the main road (which means it is easy to find) there was a little traffic noise first thing in the morning.

The Cliff House offers an indoor swimming pool which was surprisingly large and a jacuzzi. This was where the owners attention to detail came to the fore; it was spotlessly clean and a nice safe environment. The walled garden also looked nice, although it obviously needs a lot of maintenance. In November in the rain it didn't focus heavily on our interest.

To sum up Cliff House was certainly good for our needs and the price was pretty reasonable overall. Given we had kids in our party, I'm sure parents were pleased the furnishings were quite "ordinary" so they didn't have to stress out that their offspring would stain the wooden floor and such like. I'd certainly think about staying here again.
Cliff House Holiday Cottages
Ebberston, Nr Scarborough
Scarborough, England
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