Amazing Turkish hand-woven organic cotton goods

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by on January 24, 2013

I love the spa experience, and after visiting the Cagaloglu hamam, I needed to bring something home for myself to recreate the experience . While in the Arasta bazaar searching for a pestemal, I happened upon Jennifer's Hamam. Filled with artisan works from nine amazing Turkish families of weavers, these are the highest quality woven goods I saw in all of Istanbul. Soft, thick, and luxurious, I brought home two bath sheets which each took four days to weave by hand from the softest organic cotton I have ever felt. One I gave as gift, the other I enjoy myself. In addition to the spa towels, Jennifer also showed me the most magnificent silk scarves I have ever seen. Woven from two different types of silk. I bought two, in winter white and aubergine, for gifts.

Jennifer's Hamam has three locations in the Arasta Bazaar, but don't be fooled by imitators, look for the Canadian flag in the window. Jennifer's staff are wonderfully helpful, without the hard sell you experience in other shops. If you want to bring home something from Turkey made by hand by Turkish artisans, look for the helpful Canadian in Arasta Bazaar.
Jennifer's Hamam
Arasta Bazaar, No. 135
Istanbul, Turkey, 34400

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