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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on January 16, 2013

We had spent the morning horse riding, and so we arrived in town looking for a late lunch. The three of us were craving something greasy and American like, so when we spotted this bar serving food, we decided it would satisify our hunger. It is upstairs - and is a dark bar. There is a balcony area overlooking the main square in Jackson, but it was warm day and having been out in the sun for a few hours decided that while people watching may be fun, we would lurk in the dark bar in the air conditioning.

It is a dark bar - at lunchtime they had sectioned off the back portion to create a smaller space, but it was busy the day we were there, so even with a late lunch we were lucky to get seated quickly, others after us were not so lucky. Our server was obviously busy and under pressure, but got to us fairly sharpish and was friendly but efficient, little time for idle chitchat. We had thought about cold beers and other alcohol - but I knew any alcohol would go straight to my head, so I ordered coke. But the selection of beer was kind of average for those more interested than I am in beer. Drinks appeared. Waitress came back to take food order. Bit of a wait for the food...but we were enjoy the cool and getting rehydrated. The burger I ordered was okay - nothing spectacular and the fries were fairly decent. Its one of those basket type serve places.

The menu is definitely bar food - burgers and such. Our server was run off her feet - she had too many tables ordering food. She was friendly but no lingering around. She did get back to us to get us refills though.

The atmosphere is definitely a bar with big screens showing sports - we were delighted to get caught up with tennis at Wimbledon! Its dark. If we hadn't enjoyed the air conditioning so much that day we would have probably sat on the balcony - that is something that this place has to recommend it! Otherwise, it is a fairly average bar. As we walked around Jackson after lunch there are lots of restaurants and cafes - and some very nice looking restaurants. But if you want something quick and greasy that is not too expensive for a resort town with tourist prices, then Town Square Tavern is not the worst bet in the world. Not classy though...not somewhere I would bring kids...

It was an okay use of this place would be a drink on the balcony. The food was average...and the price was tourist for what you got. In Jackson you could do better but it could cost alot more too.
It was a good choice for us at the time - we wanted something low key to chill, and some greasy food and not too pricey. Its all about interpretation.
Town Square Tavern
20 E Broadway
Jackson, Wyoming, WY 83001

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