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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by rufusni on January 16, 2013

We were staying in Shilo Inn Suites which is just behind this restaurant/bar. My travelling companions all scattered with different ideas of what they would like to do for the evening. We had been camping most of our trip but to split up some drives we did some hotel stays, and tonight was one of those nights. It did mean that some wanted to use the hotel facilties of laundry and pool, others decided to explore the local area, some made their own dinner plans. So I ended up solo for dinner, and without a car at this point, and a sprained ankle my options were limited, so Jakers which is about a 1 minute walk from the hotel's front door, was the easiest option.

I went in - its a bar restaurant type of place lots of dark wood makes it look reasonably classy, but it is definitely relaxed. The host nearly seemed surprised that I was eating alone - don't know why, its not that uncommon - maybe the Irish accent threw him. Don't normally eat at the bar solo, so asked for a booth. Had to wait a few minutes to be seated, the place was fairly busy though there were still plenty of tables but maybe short a staff member on the floor.

The server was pleasant - the accent always gets questions, but in this case not too intrusive - just surprised I was in Twin Falls I think. Just ordered some water to start, and settled down to read the menu. Its definitely a steakhouse - so lots of meat on the menu. But I decided on what they call a smart plate - a salad and main and side. So I ordered a pear and pecan salad, trout and garlic mash. And a glass of white wine.

I just got into a chapter of the book I had with me when the wine arrived. I was impressed it was a pretty decent wine for the cost of a glass (I've had a few bad experiences!). A few mintues later the salad arrived. The description on the smart plate menu was a bit short as with the salad there was also blue cheese and a raspberry vinegre, which were a nice surprise, but not on the menu description. Salad was ok - pears where not really ripe though. Then the main course trout was local and tasty, and the garlic mash is something that doesn't really appear in Ireland so its nice to try another spin on potatoes (insert some joke about the Irish and potatoes). The mash was obvious laden with extra calories but the garlic was understated, but I love garlic and could have done with a touch more for my tastebuds. To be honest for being a smart plate which is supposed to be a smaller portion, it was still a filling meal, but in American portion sizes it was smaller than what I was served in other restaurants.

Waited for quite a while for someone to clear plates. Waited again for server to come back - had she appeared quicker I would have ordered another glass of wine - but sitting for more than 10 minutes I decided not to bother. She went and brought back a dessert menu a few minutes later - as a solo dinner disliked that so many of the desserts were for sharing...not come across that before...didn't like that idea! But really was craving ordered apple crisp. It appeared about 10 minutes later...but not that impressed, its always bad when the ice-cream on the dessert is the best bit... Getting the bill took ages...then sat waiting for someone to come get paid - in the end I got up and wandered to a station to pay.

All in all was okay. Its proximity to the hotel was my primary reason for eating here, so that is a plus. The wine was surprising good. The service was mixed. The food - dessert was a let down, the others were fine but not fabulous. I'm kind of guessing that Twin Falls is not the fine dining capital of anywhere, and the choices fairly limited. So I wasn't blown away. I wouldn't avoid it, but I wouldn't be excited to have dinner there again. The prices were a little high for what I got but it seems to be supply and demand - the restaurant was definitely busy.
1598 Bl Lakes Blvrd N
Twin Falls, Idaho, 83301

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