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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jodeci527 on January 1, 2013

Coco Lounge is one of the swankier clubs on the party street in Trinidad, known as D' Avenue. This street is filled with clubs and bars on either side, and this is where everyone comes to get their groove on. Although I've tried out several of the clubbing venues in the vicinity, my favourite hang out spot is definitely Coco Lounge.

From the outside, the club resembles a quaint yet elegant wooden house, with a white lattice front porch. Small coconut trees are placed in wooden pots along the wall of the building, as well as all over the front lawn, representing to 'Coco' in the club's name. The overall d├ęcor is charming and very pleasing to the eye.

The Coco Lounge may be a bit on the small side, but that fact doesn't serve as a deterrent. It practically guarantees that the club will be packed on any given weekend, and one can expect to have a great night out. I'd say approximately 150 people can comfortably hang out in the Coco Lounge at the same time.

Price of Admission varies, depending on the event of the night. There's University Wednesdays, Addictive Fridays and Chameleon Saturdays with the door charge being anything from $7 to $10 USD. For all-inclusive events which take place ever so often, expect to pay $20 USD. The Coco Lounge may cost a few dollars more than other clubs, but there is always security guards at the door who try to keep the perimiter safe. Looking about your safety while in Trinidad is always a good decision.

The clubbing experience at the Coco Lounge is really good. The dancefloor is air conditioned, and special effects such as a smoke machine and laser lights tend to really bring out the party atmosphere. The Djs that play at the club are talented and a wide range of music is played, such as Techno, Hip Hop, Soca, Pop and Indian music. The music selection never gets boring.

What is a lounge worth without knowledgeable and friendly bartenders? There are at least three on duty on a nightly basis, and service is very efficient. There is a large rum selection, and they don't scrimp on the amount of alcohol being used to make your drink. White Oak and Black Label seems to be the two most popular rums used to make drinks such as Rum Punch and Screwdrivers. Expect to pay $3 for a mixed drink and $2 for a beer.

If you had a stressful week, or you're simply looking for a good place to let your hair down, the Coco Lounge is an ideal venue. It's safe, the drinks aren't expensive and the Djs know what they're doing. I definitely recommend!
CoCo Lounge
Ariapita Avenue
Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

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