The Best Fish and Chips in Blackpool

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by brady58 on December 11, 2012

I love sea food but unfortunately my children not so much. One thing that we both can agree on however is that we love some fish and chips occasionally. I had read about The Cottage and how they did the best fish and chips in Blackpool so I was curious to visit and see for myself.

The Cottage fish and chips restaurant is located a little bit from the Promenade but is easily walkable from the centre.
The restaurant does both take away and sit down meals but be prepared to arrive early if you want a table as it is very popular and the restaurant doesn’t take booking so is on a first come first served basis.

We got there around about 5 and luckily we managed to get a table straight away but we did notice that when we were leaving that there were people queuing outside the restaurant waiting to get in. The staff were all pretty friendly and service was good even though it was busy.
Inside on the walls are pictures of celebrities that have eaten at The Cottage though I have to confess that I didn’t really know most of them.

The menu was mainly fish and chips as you would expect but there were a few other things on the menu. I ordered fish and chips with mushy peas and instead of having the usual cod or haddock I decided to try mine with Hake instead. My daughter ordered cod and chips while my son got a child’s portion of cod and chips.

Considering just how busy it was we didn’t have too long a wait for our food to come out and when it arrived I am pleased to say that it was cooked to perfection. The chips were lovely and crisp and not at all soggy and the fish was to die for. It was cooked perfectly and the batter was lovely and crisp but really light and airy. The hake was delicious though to be perfectly honest I couldn’t tell the difference between this and say cod as they pretty much tasted the same to me. The mushy peas were also some of the nicest mushy peas that I have ever tasted and were not too mushy so that they just resembled a green slime. Alongside the meals we got the most delicious homemade tartar sauce that I have ever tasted. It really was delicious and even my daughter who normally doesn’t like tartar sauce agreed it was really good.

The portions were massive and both my daughter and I struggled to eat what we had on out plates but we both thoroughly enjoyed what we got.
The prices were a little bit more expensive than a normal fish and chip shop but I have to say that I think that they were definitely worth it die to the high quality of the fish and the fact that the portions were so big. For the adults fish and chips it cost £8.50 for my hake and £9.50 for my daughters cod. There are smaller portions available though at a lesser price and I would recommend that those who don’t have big appetites order these instead.

I would highly recommend that if you are in Blackpool that you hunt out The Cottage as the fish and chips were such a higher quality than the usual chip shops along the sea front and well worth paying that little bit extra for.
The Cottage Restaurant
31 Newhouse Road
Blackpool, England, 4 4
01253 764081

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