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Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Jodeci527 on December 10, 2012

I felt the need to review this hotel since my point of view significantly differs from the others posted on this site. I visited the Crowne Plaza hotel after it was remodelled, and I had a great stay there. I had no major issues with the room nor the building itself.

Lobby and Front Desk
The Lobby was really nice, immaculately clean and tastefully decorated. The polished tiled floor shone to the extent that it reflected all the overhead lights, thus adding to the golden ambiance of the room. There were several seats in the lobby for guests while they waited to be checked in.

I arrived just before a group of flight attendants, so I had to wait for quite a while before I was attended to. When my turn finally came about, the check-in process was quite swift, seeing that I didn't make a reservation in advance. After collecting my room card and the related documents, I took the lobby elevator to my room on the seventh floor.

The Room
I had booked a Deluxe Room with a King Bed and upon entering, the first thing I noticed was how spacious the room was. The air was fresh, indicating that it was recently cleaned and after a quick inspection, I decided that the staff did a thorough job. The bathroom was spotless with clean towels and all of the complimentary bath items were on the counter.

All of the usual furniture that one would expect was provided. There was a dressing table with a large flat screen television perched on top, and a small table and a swivel chair for guests who need to use a laptop or any such activities. A pair of soft arm cairs and a small coffee table completed the list of furnishings in the room. The bed was really comfortable, and provided a great night's rest, so definitely no grumbles here.

I found the staff at the Crowne Plaza Hotel to be very helpful, and a few went the extra mile to assist me at times. The lady at the front desk answered all my questions about the Independence celebration that was taking place that very night as best as she could, and the security guard at the door organized a ride for me to check out the Independence fireworks. I didn't personally meet the cleaning staff, but their work spoke on their behalf.

The Crowne Plaza Hotel has been remodelled, and I highly recommend it to anyone who is visiting the island. The location is right in the middle of Central Port of Spain which makes getting around simple, the grounds are secure and the rooms are large and comfy.
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