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Member Rating 3 out of 5 by RoyleAA01 on December 4, 2012

Well where do I start?! .... When I first heard about this place I thought, naa that can not be true. But this is an old Chapel that has been converted into a luxury bar. From outside this place looked very attractive with the old setting, beautifully designed structure, a kind of mix between old and modern.

From the inside there was also no disappointment, all the old colored glass was still in place, the old seats which were once part of the church were still in place on the upper tier, this was a great place to sit down and watch live sport on the big screen and also you could look down and watch the people forming downstairs, pick out the nice girls lol...., down stairs there was also lots of seating, seemed like a very attractive bar and the prices were also not expensive, very average priced, even better..also they had a section which offered 2 meals for 5.95! almost buy one get one free...

The food was excellent, the steak was very tender and juicy and was cooked to perfection with some added seasoning, salad and chips. We also had scampi and chips and cottage pie as part of the deal, I was expecting this food to be not so great for the price but I was also wrong, I tried a sample of each and both were very tasty and cooked very well. The menu has a great selection on it, I could even go as far as saying there are to many items to choice from... Theres even a section where you can buy a simple bowl of chips, and choose from a selection of different topping and choose as many layers of toppings as you wish, and upgrade to curly fries or wedges.....

As for the drinks, they did not have so many offers in the daytime but I noticed that on a thursday evening they had an evening of cheap drinks where selected drinks were only 1 - 1.50!! how is that possible.. But in the daytime it is full price ranging from 2.50-4 per drink. The coke seemed a little expensive in my opinion but apart from that the drinks were reasonably priced.

So of course we decide to visit this bar on a thursday evening, the bar was closed for an hour after food and re-opened at 8pm and almost from then there was a ques forming outside, this did not seem the kind of place to become a club but I was wrong, there was about 4 security on the door as well as management, it cost a few pounds for entry also, but once we got inside i was very surprised, all the tables downstairs had been cleared..and now it revealed a massive dance floor, and yes lots of drinks were served very cheap and were no lesser quality than the previous drinks we had in the daytime, now was also a dj playing great tunes, the music had great sound effects and lighting, it was very nice. But by 11pm the place got to crowded, people where becoming very drunk and acting silly and lots of the sport types, (some looking like young roid heads) where drinking way to much to fast and were becoming very aggressive which felt uncomfortable for a while but when they left it become a bit more pleasant but after a while decided to leave as there was way to many people...during this time I forgot this place was once a Chapel!!?? How the council let this conversion happen I do not know?

The staff worked very hard there were know problems from them, they went beyond to make sure everyone was served, they kept everything together and organised things very well. There was no complaints about the staff apart from they could do with a few more females working there, but thats just a personal preference.
Visited here for a friends leaving do. Staff went above and beyond to serve us and make sure we were very indulged. Food was lovely and very reasonably priced. Very impressive attentive staff. But overall a great location and venue but does get a bit to busy there for my liking and its not big enough for the massive crowds.
The Phoenix
United Reform Chapel, Wyndham Street.
Bridgend, Wales, CF31 1EH
01656 654641

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