Checking into Checkpoint Charlie museum!

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by missj1981 on December 3, 2012

Open any tourist information book and you will come across the Museum am Haus Checkpoint Charlie. It’s one of the most famous and popular tourist attractions in the city of Berlin. When going to this museum don’t be surprised when seeing a long queue that goes down the street. One good advice? Go early!

I found learning about history is very important. We can learn from the paste and the mistakes people before us made. We always think we are safe and that we will have a war again in Europe, but it happened many times before. This museum is certainly a learning experience as it looks at the history of the famous Berlin Wall. It goes into the reasons why the wall was built and how it affected the people living in Berlin. People tried desperately going from the east to the west. It also looks at the end of the wall.

The museum is housed in the building near Checkpoint Charlie. It actually overlooks the gates between the two sides of the city. The museum is very easy to reach by public transport and one can take the tram and the U-bahn. Since it’s right near the Checkpoint Charlie you can’t really miss it. The museum is accessible for people who are in a wheelchair.

Before coming to this museum I didn’t really know that much about the famous wall. This museum really explains from the beginning and starts with the Second World War. It goes into how the country and the city became divided between the Allies and the Soviets. It’s very fascinating to learn for example how the wall was almost built overnight. People were suddenly waking up to see a wall that separated them from families and friends.

There have been many escape attempts and a few are highlighted in the museum. There are also many artifacts and pictures that really give a good clear image of how the people lived in those times. It really made a deep impact on me, especially considering this didn’t even happen that long ago.

The price of the museum is heavy but worth it. You have to pay 12,50 euro’s but you can easily spend two hours here wondering around. For us it was worth it and considering the big queue, I think more people agreed.

Very recommended!
Checkpoint Charlie Museum
Friedrichstrasse 43
Berlin, Germany, 10969
+49 30 25 37 25 0

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