Not worth the money

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by tvordj on November 28, 2012

I had heard the Jorvik Viking Centre was good. This was from several people who had been there a number of years ago, so I thought I would like to see it. They all said it was great, lots of earthy and even gruesome displays and really awful smells, which were to show you how it really would have smelled in the villages of the day. We discovered that it was a disappointment, at least to us.

We made our way to the Yorvik Viking centre and paid almost 10 pounds each. There's a room with some displays and a glass floor over a model of the excavations in the area where the original Viking settlement was found. You get in a little cart on a track and are moved through a village with a narration. But it wasn't gruesome, there was no smell, and it was littered with animatronic villagers talking in some ancient language to you in reply to the narrator who then translated. It felt very sanitized and even Disneyfied, not really appealing to adults, not us anyway. There was a display room with lots of artifacts they've found in York while excavating, all Viking aged items including skeletons, coins, jewelry, glass etc. Overall, not really enough to be worth 10 pounds. It might appeal to families more, I guess, but we could have happily skipped it, had we known.
Jorvik Viking Centre
15-17 Coppergate Walk
York, United Kingdom, YO1 9WT
+44 (1) 904643211

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